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It can still be done!

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I was on my way to work yesterday, and I was passing by a garage sale, so I said what the heck, pulled over, and immediately spotted SEVEN Tiki Mugs on a table. The sign said $3...
not each, but $3 for the lot.

Hell yes!

I haven't scored like this in years.

Okay, so these are not the most exciting mugs in history, but seven original OoH mugs for three clams is fine by me.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is commmonplace for all of you west coasters, but I am just so happy today (see, that's all it takes!).

Excellent score!!!
I am proud of you.
I haven't had a good thrift score in a while... I am convinced the better pickings all now lie within small cottage country towns - the theory I have surmised is, that when people who went to tiki bars in the 50', 60's and even 70's got bored of their souvenis (aka the mugs) they relegated them to the cottage... and now that these hipsters are dying off (god bless their swanky souls) their kids are dumping all the mugs at the local cottage country flea market or sally ann... cause they are too tacky!!!


Anyway, to find one in your home town (unless you are californian or a very lucky person from Georgia) is a rare thing these days.

Nice score James. I haven't gotten lucky like that in long time either.

Tiki Socialite

Nice score James. I haven't gotten lucky like that in long time either.

---shouldn't your name be something like "unluckydesigns","notsoluckydesigns","notluckylikethatinalongtimedesigns" or something like that.
Sorry, got to go, the nurse is here with the medication they give me before the doctors connect the electrodes!

Excellent buy...your name has been entered as a possible inductee into our humble organization..The League Of Extraordinary Tiki Hunters.

Wow James!

Beautiful mugs. And with seven you don't have to be afraid of serving drinks in them.



Must have been good tiki-hunting karma this weekend...went to a big commercial flea market and bought a tiki-carved giant fork and spoon ( about 40" each) = they were marked for $3, as I was going for my cash I jokingly said "will you take $2, and to my amazment the lady said YES! - woo-hoo

That's pretty funny there Smiley. I think I had that name back when I was getting lucky (no, not that way, Bong).

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