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kapena lanai, , (restaurant)

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I saw that this menu sold on eBay a while back. I hope someone on TC picked it up. I only saved the cover image of the menu. There wasn't any information given as to a date or location for the restaurant. I do believe that Kapena is the name of an area in Hawaii but that info may be of little help. The menu was of average size but what caught my eye were the graphics. Once again a classic case of one restaurant "borrowing" graphics from another but I haven't seen such a case go this far. It is a rip off of the Dobbs House Luau right down the the menu selections. The interior graphics are the same in each although mixed up a bit. The font is the same. A very few items have had the name changed to protect the innocent entrees I guess. The Kapena menu is average size while I have only see the Luau in the miniature as the one pictured from my collection. I would be great to find out a little more about the Kapena Lanai if there is anything out there. Thanks.

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Here is the Kapena Lanai menu

And the Dobbs Luau from my collection

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