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Jimmy Buffett wants to give you a tiki hut

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Click on "Win Your Own Tiki Hut!"

The amusing part (well, aside from just the fact it's from the Jimmy Buffett company), is how little it takes to create the "ultimate Tiki Paradise":

Grand Prize
One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive the ultimate Tiki Paradise, which includes:

  • One (1) Tiki Hut
  • Four (4) Tiki torches
  • Two (2) strings of outdoor lights
  • Two (2) tropical plants
  • One (1) year's supply of Margaritaville Margarita Mix

Too bad they don't show a photo of what the tiki hut would look like--I have a feeling the drawing is not an accurate image.
i'd had to win and have to pay $800 or so in taxes ($2,800 retail value) for something sorta boring.
I know, "picky, picky"

No Comment.

Not just "tropical plants "
COOL tropical plants !

Looks like me neighbor's birdhouse.

Just another promo for his terrible Tequila products.

Damn, at least they could throw in a parrot!

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