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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Welcome students to the 2013-2014 school year at Poly Hai! The famed Polynesian Pop school!

...what, you've never heard of Poly Hai before?

Poly Hai is a privately-funded public school for men and women dedicated to the preservation and extension of the Polynesian pop lifestyle. We teach and live the Aloha values of fun, boozing, creativity, and community and recognize the Ohana as the primary educator of the student. Poly Hai aims to cultivate tipsy and venturesome tiki-philes who are empowered to use their talents to make an impact in the ever-changing scene.

Poly Hai's guiding principals have always been: “Make art, make music, make cocktails, make friends.”
Poly Hai is now under the welcoming stewardship of Co-Principals Matthew Rios and Kari Hendler, who shoot the shaka of friendship to you and hope that you enjoy your studies at Poly Hai.

In short, we're a group looking to have some fun, throw some events, and do what we can to spread and foster the aloha spirit through the tiki scene. Check our facebook page for updates, stories, reports, and more! Hope to see you in homeroom!


Hi Teach!

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