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tiki david

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Most of you know David; he has been an active and entertaining voice on these boards for many years. One of our resident Witco experts, and an amazing talent at unearthing rare tiki stuff..

Hopefully he won't mind me posting this, but he has been in & out of intensive care for several weeks with heart problems.

I'm sure he and his wife Donna would appreciate any good vibes you could send their way.

Thanks all.


I was wondering where he had been.

Sending him all the best.


Best of luck to him. Hopefully a little Aloha will go a long way!

Sending good thoughts David's way.

GROG posted on Mon, Mar 10, 2014 7:45 PM

Good luck Tiki David. GROG know a little about heart problems. Got a zipper on GROG' chest to prove it.

Feel better man!


We need more curmudgeon around here. I can't do it by myself! Get better David.

Hey, TD! Get better, man. You belong on TC!

get well soon David!!

It's probably worth mentioning here that David passed away. :(

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