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Hawaiian Village - Howard Johnson, Cincinnati, OH (bar)

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Name:Hawaiian Village - Howard Johnson
Street:11440 Chester Road
Phone:513 771-3400

I don't know if Howard Johnon's are everywhere, but here in the east and south they are. They usually have a bright orange A-Frame entrance, which could make a nice Tiki-ish theme. Good to know if sort of happened at least once.

They went all out for some period of time, with a full luau show even.

Tiki Tim's stationery find:

It is now a Farifield Inn
Appears to have happened in the 70s.

Their Mai Tai contains wine and brandy... And the de-volution continues! And the Navy Grog has gin...

Apricot Brandy in the Mai Tai too...

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Great post Swanky...thanks for posting .

And if you really want your mind blown (well maybe not blown), then check out this Howard Johnson in the Cincy area that still exists. It's not tiki, but there is a really cool beach theme family suite with tons of bamboo and an African village, as well as a host of other rooms. http://www.hojoflorenceky.com/rooms.htm


That's pretty awesome. Is that a Cadillac convertible in that hotel room?

And don't forget the Tennessee caves for you Swank, ha. We didn't get to see the Happy Days one in person, but the family suite with the treehouse is crazy cool. Like something you'd see at Disney. And I can't remember, it's been several years since we stayed there, but I want to say there's at least one tiki in the dome where the pool is located. But don't quote me on that. I don't think it was anything special.

Fantastic post !!! Here is a table card I dug out of my archive to add to the thread. Cool little graphic.


Menu was on ebay:

Mai Tai - "This traditional drink of tropical wine, select rums, brandy and fruit juices makes a sunny refresher that sasy Kip Mai - Welcome!"

Navy Grog - "A special brew of gin and light rum laced with lemon and lime, a favoreite or seafarers and landlubbers alike."

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