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If you haven't seen it, we've got a new forum: Locating Tiki!

For the details on the new forum, read the welcome message.

Since Tiki Central is all about the people who read and post here, it is important I get your opinions, both good and bad. I can't make it better unless I know how. Please post your comments here by replying, or if you prefer to remain confidential, feel free to PM me or [email=[email protected]]email me[/email].

Hartford (and Sabu):

A most befitting idea for urban archeology. Mahalo.

My comment is that there may be certain areas such as Rosemead Blvd., 226 & Ocean near Hawthorne Blvd. in Torance or the area in Huntington Beach with all of the A style architeƧture which may warrant collective examination.


Looks great so far, I'd still like to see comprehensive City Guides, something that would compliment James' book. Then nobody would have to say, "Hey- I'm going to San Diego next week! Where should I go?"

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.

Chris: Good point. If you feel the block of houses is a collective that someone may want to check out as a whole, you can set the "type" to "other" then describe the area in the discription. If we get a lot of these, we'll make a new Type of "residential area", I guess.

martiki: My hopes too.

The forum is designed so you can search for specific topics. Let's say you want to look for bars in San francisco that are still open. you can search for " San Francisco satus:operational", set it to ALL,and you'll get all the San Frans with the Lilo (now closed) excluded.


Do we need "Resturant/bar" entered as a category for this too? I mean, just becuase it's a resturant, it doesn't mean there's a bar attached.



Yes,there definately needs to be a bar attached.


i like the idea and like how the forum is going so far. the "Resturant/bar" distinction would be a good added feature. because as you say not all resturants have bars and vise versa

[ Edited by: Octane on 2003-07-25 09:25 ]

Wisconsin TiKi Heads.....Milwaukee has TheFoundation Room, Kenosha has TheRendezous...and Racine has BRASSMONKEY...my urbanTiKi Bar! We've been open two years now, and to celebrate we'll be havin' a PigRoast on Sept.25th to celebrate!!! Hurricanes, Zombies, RumBoogie, BrassMonkey....always offering TiKi Drinks and Beers from around the world!!! 1436 JunctionAve Uptown Racine, WI.
Check us out on the Book of Faces!!! Aloha!!!


Do we really need two forums on The Tonga Room,
in General Tiki as well as Locating Tiki? They seem to
overlap each other substantially, and leave both posters
and readers perplexed as to what goes where.

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