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Basement Kahuna... are you busy working?

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I and I'm sure many others are anxiously awaiting the progress report on the big guy your working on... you're very quiet as of late... the wood chips must be flying!

I'm in the process of tackling a large project... I just purchased a metal urban mailbox and am closing in on a log large enough to put the mailbox in a tiki's mouth... a wedding gift for a surfer friend... if all goes well you will see it here...

The half-round, 9" Marquesan pole has a lot of "blue stain", which is the sawmill nickname for a surface mold that grows on summer-cut wood in humid weather up here...harmless to the wood as it just grows on the surface but it's by-product is this ugly blue-gray staining that gets into the grain..It stains away easy as pie with Minwax or torch-aging..so I'm gonna show this one when it's done in a couple of days. Any photos right now would be ugly. After that I start on the first couple of Samoan Fire Knives for the Mai Kai shop. The gope board shown earlier is available right now at the Mai Kai...the first of what I hope will be a long, tiki-historic relationship!

Your ass better be at Hukilau next year, Lake!

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