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Introducing myself

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Hi everybody! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I live in the DC Metro area and work a 'real job', but can be found daydreaming about surf and Tiki's. I'm an amateur wookworker and look forward to trying my hand at carving Tiki's. I found this site today, and as a lover of all things Tiki and Oceanic, I think it'sis great!
I've seen a lot of the Tiki carvings posted here on other threads, and I have to say they are all GREAT work! Really wonderful artistry.
Here are a couple of pics of things going on in my house (I hope I've figured out the picture posting..)

  1. The 8' bar I built. It's heavier than heck and I'm cutting it down a bit to fit into my newly remodeled basement with it's own Tiki corner (all the wife will allow, ha-ha)!

  2. Part of the basement remodel. It' s taking quite a while to do this on weekends and evenings.

  3. A very cool handcarved Polynesian style plaque I found at a antique store in MD. It's seems sort of South American with the scenes of sacrifice, and yet also feels more Oceanic. Either way it's pretty neato. Sorry for my bad photgraphy.

Aloha from a fellow DELMARVA(ite?). THe MDVADC Tikiphiles also have a splinter site that often outlines local events. Stop by there sometime as well. Check out the message board. We often go to the Honolulu and Politiki. http://www.marylanddctiki.com/

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

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Thanks Turbogod - I just registered!

Aloha ralphtiki, from another Alexandrian.


Aloha, ralphtiki
I'm neighbor of yours in Silver Spring, MD.
I, too, have a giant bar that I'm trying to whittle down to something that fits my tiki-dream bar.

Welcome!, and I don't think south or central americans had peaked roofs, so that piece could be tiki.It rocks no matter what.Wait, disregard that......its not tiki, but I will take it off your hands.....cuz i'm such a nice guy......yea, thats it.

Welcome aboard!


Thanks for the welcome everybody!

twowheelin'tiki - nice try nice guy, but the carving stays!

Traderpup - nice tbird on your site!

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