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Question about a Tiki necklace....

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Just picked up this older looking tiki necklace in a group of 60's era Boy Scout items. Just thought it was some sort of camp handicraft type deal till I noticed the artist / makers mark on the back. Carved wood, glass eyes, leather neck thong, about 2 inches tall. Anybody ever seen one before?

Welcome to TC!

Here is what I thought it was (Letter D in the ad and the painted one on the left in photo below), but as we discussed earlier, these are usually metal:

I don't know if your's is a forebear or if someone copied the design but I see a lot of similarities.

Hey Tom! I figured you were on here. You know me, I love a mystery, and the research involved. It was such an interesting little item I thought I'd post a couple pics and see if anybody knew anything. I found one with the same mark on eBay, different design, but they didn't know anything about the maker either.


Hawaiian company named PolyArt made one just like it back in the 60-70's.

Here's the lava version

Buzzy Out!

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Ha! look how old that ad is they call guys "guys" and gals "gals"
Dam how stupid is that!

Should be "Hey Ze and ZirS get your tiki necklace!!"

Cool necklace.

you can still buy them from Tahitian Tom just send a buck 50 to Pasadena


On 2017-01-15 19:24, SomewhereinAlabama wrote:
you can still buy them from Tahitian Tom just send a buck 50 to Pasadena

Hey SomewhereinAlabama, that's a great Ad you posted and you solved the necklace mystery. I like the way the Ad actually has the makers mark on it. Crazy!

But let me get this straight.
The Parent Trap Movie with Hayley Mills came out in 1961 so that pretty much dates your Ad. Now if I send $1.50 to Tahitian Tom, 56 years later, I'm gonna get a necklace??!!
If that's true this is coolest Tiki Ad I've ever heard of and would be pretty incredible.

Makes me think of all those great old Skateboard stickers companies and Ninja Throwing Stars. Oh and some great World War II surplus!!


Funny, just looked at Ad again and it says June 1961 on it.

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Duke Fishman, center a Lifeguard at Santa Catalina Island. Standing on his side is Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis. Looks like Duke is wearing a wooden tiki being studied here3FD579A6-0055-465C-AA77-288E26598E30


Gee, that would have to be the only terrible photo of Marilyn I've ever seen. Looks like they just hauled her onboard from beong several days underwater! She usually photographs so well. The camera loved her! I guess sometimes the full Hollywood makeup just doesn't hold up to daytime sunlight?

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