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tiki trek

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I'm currently travelling across the states from Yellowstone through to the Bay Area- anybody advise on any essential tiki stops during the drive?

This is probably a very basic question to some- please be kind to a tiki newbie- thanks!


If you don't already have a copy the book "Tiki Road Trip", it's all you need! In finer bookstores everywhere. Have a great trip. I'll be doing a road trip as well from Chicago to Oakland, CA in late August.


Be sure to dive on the phonebooks of every town you pass through and look up key Tiki words...Tiki, Kon Tiki, Tropics, Tropical, Kona, etc. (Tiki Central once had a list going of key phonebook words, but I can't remember if it was here or at yahoo.) You may discover a bar or apartment building. Check out the Chinese restaurants hoping against hope that the lounge once went Polynesian and stayed that way.

As for known places, The Alibi in Portland, Oregon is a must. You can skip Washington state (despite it being the Greatest State in the World) for the sake of The Alibi. And Portland has the added bonus of having The Jasmine Tree, another above average original Tiki joint. And of course Portland also has Castaway Cove...


thanks for the help guys- my Garmin seems to be of the same mind & searched out the local Tikis & Traders- + the good fortune of finding a couple of Tiki mugs in a Winnamucca flea market that had the address of Trader Dick's on the back

good Tiki hunting


Pages: 1 3 replies