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help finding tiki's style

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here is a couple of pictures of a tiki out in front of the Harbor Hunt in Morro Bay. i wanted to know if any one knows which style of tiki it is ( Bora Bora, or what ever) not really interested in finding the carver or anything like that, but more interested in which island the style is from.


Wish I knew! I like the Tiki eating the other Tiki though, very cool... Newbie - sorry I can't help.

I can't recognize the exact style but I've seen a tiki just like that in Oceanic Art's private collection. I'm sure someone will get to the bottom of this.

As far as I know, it's Sven's favorite tiki at OA. Tahitian cannibal .

Yeah, I beleive that's in the elusive "Tyson" style...


Well, I hate to steal SugarCaddyDaddy's thunder but check this old thread

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thanks everyone i knew some one on here would know. i have been courious as i live close to the harbor hut.

laney great find on the old post, it even had the exact tiki i was talking about. i guess i'm going to have to learn how to use the search features better.

ralphtiki welcome to the board, its a great place, and very informative on everything tiki.

i have another question does anyone have or know were some good close up pictures (front/side) of the three tikis are? so i can try to carve them


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Very very nice! I can see why it's Sven's favorite!

There's actually some of this style in a case at the Mai Kai - it's are a series of 3, talked about by Sven in the above thread, they all look like this guy.

Yee-Haw & Aloha,

The World of Tiki Kiliki

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Here's the series of three cannibal tikis that Sven mentioned from the Kon-Tiki Cleveland, OH menu:


I am blind. I posted the sameTiKi yesterday and missed this thread. Hey Octane....what happened to the big one by the entrance?


It's the "tahitian cannibal" a fictious poly-pop tiki that was invented for a Don the Beachcomber menu I believe.. and then got ripped off over and over until it became a style unto itself.

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