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Welcome back BigBro!

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Sven should be returning to the US any time and I, like all of us hope he had a good summer and is in good spirits.

I hope things aren't too overwhelming as heu get back. I am sure there is a lot to do. I hope he gets settled and back into the swing of things rapidly.

Good to have you back on American soil BigBro!

What part of TN are you in?
How far are you from Nashville?

I did notice some of his posts popping up recently. Welcome back Sven.

Thanks everybody, I am back yessss. Proof: I went to the Tiki Ti last night to catch them before they go on vacation. They were photographing more cocktails for their website, I got to taste the Dr. Funk. Not as bad as I always feared.
Today is the first day I am truly back in my favourite place: On my desk, overlooking the Silverlake reservoir, on my I-book, on Tiki Central.
I am also working on finding a cheap quick deal to get my and my son's butt to Waikiki asap as we need some quality time after me being away for so long.


You still planning to go to Exotica?

Oh yeah, of course, welcome back!

Aloha Sven! (and Diego. Hope the islands work well for you's) Welcome home!!!

Thanks guys, I am very happy to be home...yet I am jetting over to Waikiki Tuesday, on a cheap package deal to one of those Outrigger dives, will be back on Wednesday the 5th for good. And yes, I am definitely planning to attend Exotica 2003.

Welcome back, and have fun!


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