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The Islander, Los Angeles, CA (apartments)

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Name:The Islander
Street:3700 & 3708 Inglewood Blvd.
City:Los Angeles


[ Edited by: kenbo-jitsu 2014-06-02 09:58 ]

I went to go see the tiki in front of the Mar Vista Lanes in Los Angeles yesterday and stumbled on this apartment complex in the neighborhood behind the bowling alley. There are no tikis but it has a nice tropical fa├žade and tropical landscaping including some VERY tall palm trees. It seems like tiki housing developments tend to lose their tiki-ness over time. I wonder if this place was more elaborate when it first opened.

Is that irregular-cut bamboo framing that sign? Kinda hard to see from that far away...

Yes. It's a panel made out of painted (it's painted now anyway) bamboo stretched between the buildings. You walk underneath it to enter the courtyard.

The doors to the units all open onto the courtyard. I could not enter, but there did not appear to be anything of interest inside anyway -- at least not anymore.

The complex is actually just one U-shaped building, as you can see from above.

(Google Maps)

Great entrance, Thanks!

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