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Hot tip on a Witco tiki bar for sale!!

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Hey peoples...
About a day or so ago I walked into one of the cooler vintage collectible stores called 'Dullsville' here in good ole New York City. In addition to the tons of cool stuff they had was a WITCO tiki bar prominently displayed upfront. Now, I know I may kick myself for letting this info out, but for starters I have no room for it. Not to mention that I live in a five floor walk up, and it would be sheer hell in the summer time getting the damn thing up here. So for all of my tiki brothers and sisters, especially those in NYC or somewhat close I am disclosing this info. Now what could be cooler than the actual bar itself?? The price...which was a very reasonable $275!!!! I saw it first hand, and in my opinion it seems they could at least get double the price of what they are actually asking for it. So if it's still there, hopefully one lucky TC'er will snap it up and give it a good home. Please do it before it gets snagged by MTV for a prop or something like that. If any of you all need more details on Dullsville post your questions here, otherwise call NYC info for the phone number. Aloha! :drink:

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Sounds like a job for Inkylouise.


On 2003-07-24 00:04, Basement Kahuna wrote:
Sounds like a job for Inkylouise.

...who can then mail it to ME!

I stuck this in the Collecting Forum last night. Figure I might as well just repeat myself, though. The Price is Not Nearly as Right but it could (possibly) be had without driving to NY from wherever...


I will go and check it out this weekend...will post photos, if it's around.

Ha ha....gotta love those e-bay dealers.
Here's e-bay speak:

"You are bidding on a ONE OF A KIND, TEAK WOOD, ANTIQUE, HAND CARVED Bar and Stool Set!!!

...while in fact what we have here is a:


...and that that could be much cooler than any ANTIQUE hoty toity thing is beyond them for sure.


don't forget the ebay speak about vintage, antiques, newly, hand carved tikis. thats great how can something be antique, vintage but newly newly made. oh and the hand carved part is rarely true as well.

That's the sucky thing about Ebay. People either inflate the price so much that it's not worth buying, or if your selling, people undercut all over the place making a valuable item that you maybe offering worth like $2.00. Nonetheless the price for the bar offered at Dullsville is pretty damn good!

The Dullsville Price is, I'd say, UNBELIEVABLE! Does it include stools as well?

Just the bar only is for sale. It's not the same model from the Ebay link you posted though, Traitor Vic. A little different, but very cool. Would be very cool in my pad, but a major pain in the ass to get up here.

I'll check it out ASAP. I've always been a great fan of Dullsville.
thanks for the tip-off.


oohh--the bar's a real beauty. I saw it through the window while I drooled on the glass. But Shalom Aloha says, "No way--not in my tiny apartment." :(
By the way, Dullsville is open only on Thurs. and Sun. this week.


Just a heads up for all those interested. I went by Dullsville and the Witco bar was gone!! Hopefully purchased by someone who cares. :drink:


Alrighty then!! I was in Dullsville today and said, 'hey looks like you sold the Witco bar'. And they said 'yeah people were talking about it in a chat room'. And I said 'oh yeah probably Tiki Central'. So who was the lucky purchaser??? How's it going? Let's see some photos of the grande tiki in your home!!

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