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Lost Gods of Easter Island

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Anyone else see this show? It was on last night on Discovery Civilization (I think) and it was excellent. David Attenborough digs in a little deeper into the island history than the usual Easter Island Docs, and I got to see beautiful shots of the island of things I had never seen before. Well worth tracking down. Heck, I skipped my yoga class to see it!

I caught 1/2 of this on PBS about a year ago. You didn't tape it did you? Bring it to Exotica if you did! This is the one where h's looking for the origins ofthe Kava Kava man carving, right?

With all the bickering and name calling we've had recently, I wonder if Tiki Central will eventually split into a long-eared faction and a short-eared faction?
Maybe they should hold a bird man competition in Chicago at Exotica 2003. The two clans should be challenged to recover a tiki mug from the top of the Sears Tower and return it safely to the Hala Kahiki.

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No, my husband has banned the inferior VCR technology to the storage room. So I can't tape anything!
Yes, it was the one with the wooden carving, that turned out to likely be from Captain Cook's voyage.

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Haven't seen the Attenborough show, but there's an excellent Rapa Nui episode of The Nature of Things that's aired on CBC TV and CBC Newsworld that I'd really like to have on DVD (not available as far as I know).

I haven't found an American or Canadian DVD of this, but I'm finding Aussie & En-Zed DVDs & Videos. Unfortunately the DVDs are Region 4, you'll need a regionless DVD player to watch'em. Worse, the videos're PAL format, you'll need to have'em translated into NTSC before they'll work in your VCR or on your TV.

Here's some links:


Thanks for that link. That was a pretty cool documentary. I wonder why they have never tried to "re-forest" the area. And nowadays..might it be possible with DNA to actually get that same species of tree back on the island?

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Kaiwaza- funny, I had the same thought


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Just watched. Thanks for posting the link.


Thanks! I watched it again from the link-

It gave me something to do at work this morning! Aloha friday!


Hamo posted on Sun, May 13, 2018 7:57 PM

Thanks for posting this link, H10. I watched and enjoyed this documentary.

Very cool video. Thanks for the link.

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