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now relocated from Los Angeles to outskirts of Atlanta, Ga

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Hello all,
So as of two days ago we have relocated to Tyrone Georgia. Any folks out in these parts? Looking forward to finding out about local (atlanta) and southern events. Cheers!

well of course there is the Atlanta Trader Vics,
and there is a pretty healthy southern surf music scene too.

good luck out there man.


Hey Cass!

Glad to hear you and K made it safely cross-country! We miss you already!

Spread the Tiki word in Georgia!

...and a side question... Is the Atlanta Trader Vic's an original mid-century location?

TikiG posted on Tue, Jul 15, 2014 1:23 PM

Hi Cass! Glad to hear you made it safely across and are now in Georgia. Best of everything to you and maybe I'll visit one day if I ever get to the east coast. Oh yeah, keep on keepin' on with the ceramics! G


Remember meeting you some years ago at the Tiki Ti. Wow a big geography change from LA to a small town like Tyrone. Well welcome to the Southland and at least your much closer to the Atlanta Trader Vics & the Mai-Kai!

Dammitt Cass! Now we'll never meet! :lol: Enjoy your change of pace.

What the hell?!? What're you doing out there? We're gonna miss you. Be sure and visit.

Hey Y'all from y former homeland, thanks so much! Hopefully we will be visiting Los Angeles a couple times a year and can catch people on those trips. Right now getting the lay of the land and makin plans. Cheers!

Hey Thor, good to hear from you, yes hopefully will catch you at an event in the south soon

shoot me a email at [email protected]
and I will put you in touch with a few friends in that area.

Cheers n good luck,


I work in downtown Atlanta and live out in Douglasville, not too far from Tyrone. We have a lot of events coming up in the Atlanta area. PM me if you would like to meet up at Trader Vic's one night.



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It's a bit out now, but Drive Invasion is a must.

This weekend there is The Rockabilly Luau in Austell Georgia. Go to http://therockabillyluau.com/ for details. A lot of Tiki folks are usually in town for Dragon Con Labor Day weekend. As Swanky mentioned Drive Invasion is in September that is going to be awesome. Currently working on a Tiki/Fraternal Order of Moai get together this fall. I do not work far from Trader Vic's so that is always a fun place to meet up.

hey Thanks, i will be vending the Rockabilly Luau and just looked into the Drive In event, thanks for the heads up!!!

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