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Hale Hawaii Lounge, Torrance , CA (bar)

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Name:Hale Hawaii Lounge
Street:3144 Pacific Coast Highway
Phone:(310) 539-3480

Not much to look at from the outside not bad at all on the inside. The walls are nicely done, hanging outrigger, lots of nice stuff like that. As you walk in there is a little set up that welcomes you in with a Hawaiian view, some floral ornamentation, a tiki. This place's signature drink is their Scorpion. I have had SCorpions in many a tiki bar but the Hale Hawaii make sthe absolute best Scorpion I've had so far. This place is not a big incredibley ornate place like the Kahiki or anything like that, it's basically just a little hole in the wall, but I think every neighborhood should have a great little hole in the wall like this one.

One word of advise, the owner is a Raiders fanatic, don't ever try to go if the Raiders are playing anywhere in the country because chances are the owner will have closed up shop to get out to the game.


Over 3 years since the above post was made, but just today I dropped by (sort of) the Hale Hawaii in Torrance, and thought I'd post an update of sorts.

I say "of sorts" because after reading several past Saturday night get-together threads here on Tiki Central about the place, I dropped by today expecting to find it open, but it was not. There is a sign on the door that says their hours are now "Mon-Fri 4pm to ???" and that they are closed totally on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. So it seems it's only a five night a week operation now.

So not yet having had the pleasure of actually being inside...all I can do is report that it is indeed very nondescript from the outside...sitting in the middle of an old blah strip center with just a sign and its doors:

It's so obscure...that (not having the name or address with me and just knowing it was around Torrance Airport) I must have hit at least a dozen merchants that turned out to be within a stone's throw of the place...and none of them had a clue of any Hawaii named or themed bar in the area! I even hit a Hawaiian clothing store a few blocks away hoping they would know, and the Hawaiian owners said, "Never heard of one...but if you find it...let us know!" :)

I'll hit it again hopefully when it's open, sometime soon. And am looking forward to finding out if their Scorpions are as good as they used to reportedly be.

I keep forgetting to go to this place.
we need to organize a TC night there,
its a bummer it isnt open on the weekends????

but I say a friday would be good.
lots of motels in the area to stumble to afterwards.



Being desperate for a tropical drink since moving to San Pedro and being so far away from the Bahooka and Damons now...I went again today and arrived right at 4pm to catch them opening their doors. I waited patiently in the car for a half hour. Watched several cars pull up and their owners yanking on the locked door and then driving away. I then went into the upholstery shop next door and the guy told me its been closed since last Wednesday and to try again tomorrow. Perhaps the owner is having an extended Thanksgiving vacation?

Anyway...I gave up and took off to do some errands and have dinner but then dropped by again at 7:30pm just to see if he showed up...but no. :(

Will try another day, I guess.


I drifted by Hale Hawaii again today right at the 4pm posted opening time, and BINGO! They were open!

Great little place. The owner/operator Ron (a native from Oahu) is a super nice guy and has lots of Aloha spirit. He still has a house in Oahu (where he just returned from and why he was closed last week). He built and opened the bar back in 1974 and it has a nice if simple Polynesian decor mixed with neighborhood bar. Nothing too elaborate but nice. A few tikis. A few netted glass balls. Couple of large sea turtle shells...one made up as a lamp. Bamboo. Assorted flotsam and jetsam.

Ordered his signature Scorpion and it didn't disappoint! Served in a large ceramic clamshell with one of those 2ft straws. Just the shell and the drink. No fancy garnish or umbrella. Just the goods. Plenty, plenty potent! The accompanying shaker of slop really meant you got 2 clamshells worth of drink.

Shortly after I started to enjoy it a group of the "regulars" started drifting in and my Scorpion instantly labeled me as a newcomer as most of them were ordering beers. But they are a friendly group of folk and got to enjoy talking with mainly Al, Ken, and Jerry and a few others. Good group of guys (and gals). Not what I would call a real tiki crowd, but a couple of them were wearing Aloha shirts.

I was feeling no pain when Ron announced with a grin, "You know...that's usually a drink for 2 or 3 people." Now you tell me! :wink:

Sobered up for about a half hour and then followed the Scorpion with a Mai Tai which was Bacardi Light Rum, Myers Dark rum and some brand of Mai Tai mix. Not the best Mai Tai in the world but certainly not lacking in the rum. I got the feeling its not the type of place where tropical drinks are the specialty anymore. But I really have no idea of what Ron is capable of if put to the challenge.

Before the regulars arrived and it started to get busy, we did chat about tiki bars a bit and he lamented and rattled off the names of many long-gone area tiki bars of the past. He also mentioned the Tiki Ti in Hollywood, so he certainly knows his tiki bar stuff and history. Got the feeling that when he first opened up that this was a full blown tiki bar that was part of that general tiki popularity of the time. But then as interest in tiki faded...I think he sort just wound down to more of a regular neighborhood bar. But it's still a nice place, IMHO.

As an owner/operated joint...cigarette smoking is allowed and welcomed, and I'd say 80% of the regulars were puffing away. So if smoke bothers you...best to stay away.

Again...Ron is just super. Very friendly and really...and I mean really...follows sports. Especially his Raiders.

Definitely going back to this one. :)

Nice review, Premex.


Aloha Everybody!

Dr. Z suggested a gathering here at Hale Hawaii on 04.26.13... He and Sabu live a stone's throw from the place, and it was high time the tiki crowd came out experience this overlooked tiki gem... Apparently, the hours are a bit unusual, so it's hard to co-ordinate any sort of gathering there... weekdays (Monday-Friday, 4pm to when they feel like closing, which could be any time between 8 and 10pm) But go if you can!!!

Here's the best pix I took of our evening there... They do not do the place justice... I can't believe someplace so tiki has gone so undocumented for so long...

Sign with first bullet point removed (it said "open daily", but it no longer is!)

The entrance, actually open!

A classic bridge, over which one crosses to enter tiki paradise, leaving the real world behind...

A tiki guarding the entrance

The bar, with an awesome outrigger/lamp

Tiki lamps over the bar

Tiki by the bar

How cool is this? A phone in it's own little tiki hut!

So many more details I can't describe... come and check out this place, it's incredible!


On 2013-04-27 21:50, tobunga wrote:

....So many more details I can't describe... come and check out this place, it's incredible!

Nice !! :)

Also here's my trip report from 6 months ago.

In all these photos I miss the droopy Tiki fountain that stood at the entrance inside - in WHITE, no less. Is she still there?

Yes, bigbro, she's still there:

Here are some other photos as well:

That's it (until the next time we visit Hale Hawaii)!


Gee, I guess I should have looked around more while I was there. It's so hard to do once you start visiting with old and new friends. But thanks to these pictures I don't have to.
Now that I know where the back exit is I have access to a quick get away. Just say'n it's good to know :D
It was nice meeting you Capt.

Thank you for the photo documentation gentlemen!
Hope to get there one of these weeks.

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