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Jack's Sugar Shack. , Hollywood, CA (bar)

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Name:Jack's Sugar Shack.
Street:1707 Vine St.

Jack's Sugar Shack used to be down the street from the Palace in Hollywood. From the outside their was absolutley no way to know what was hidden inside those walls except for a small sign with a bamboo frame that read, "Jack's Sugar Shack". Once you got inside it was a pretty big place. The most beautiful bamboo bar I've ever seen. Thachery, bamboo, the whole nine. my favorite thing about this place was in the back there was a wall with a giant mural of Thurston Howell and Lovie. This place has been closed down for a few years now.

Jack's Sugar Shack was a fine establishment, great island decor and good live music.
I always felt as if I was on vacation whenever I was there.

It certainy had a tropical beach decor, but did it have tikis?

Regardless, it will be missed.

Here'a picture of the Dressing room. That's Mojo Nixon's puss out in front:



Jack's was on the corner or Hollywood and Vine for about 3 years, I'm thinking 1996-1999. Before that, it was across town on Pico at Robertson. It was in a free-standing building with a thatch roof, very South Seas. Still there, now holds a Chinese restaurant I think.

Right next to Jack's on Vine was the Dan-Dee Shoe Shop. Amazingly, the sign is still there, and here's a recent photo.


Jack's was to the left, where that green patch is.

Here's a picture of what the building looked like 50 or so years ago. The Dan Dee Shoe shop on the far right is STILL THERE. Jack's was right next to it in the Hody's restaurant; all those large windows had been removed.

Today there's an anonymous dance club and a tattoo parlor in the building. The billboard on top advertises a Spanish language radio station.


Whoops, here's the link to see a nice postcard of the building from around 1955. Trust me, you'll like it.



And here's a fairly recent picture of the same building. It was painted green after Jack's closed up. Jack's was entered via the door at the far right. The building was painted white or off-white at that time, and the sign for Jack's and a palm tree were painted on the building next to the door.


I loved going to Jack's. I saw so many shows there: Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance, Billy Joe Shaver, Gregory Page, Dave Alvin, Junior Brown...


Don't remember any tikis, but it could've been the tequila...

My girlfriends and I use to go to the Sugar Shack before going out ALL the time when I lived in LA. The drinks were FAB! That was a GRRRRRRReat bar. Kelbos too. I guess that dates me in a BIG way!!!!

Neptune Wahine

The one on Vine had a great Waterfall in there. I had my first ever gig there as an LA resident with my old band Fuzzbubble.

Great place.

Also of Note.

The original Jack's Sugar Shack on Pico used to be Wan-Q , A pretty awesome Chinese Tiki restaurant. Apparently they kept alot of the decor when they took it over from Wan-Q.

one of my favorite Tiki Menu covers....

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