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Hi, I myself have just registered under friendster.com I would love it if you guys would put your name as a friend, especially those of you in the Chicago area. I don't normally post on here and I will be attending Exotica 2003 (never been to an event before) and looking forward to meeting all of you.
My email addy for friendster is [email protected]


i'm actually on friendster too. my older sister and her boy came to visit and said
i had to join. i'm not in chicago, but in California instead.


Cool, put me down. I'm listed with my email addy above.

Isn't Friendster some sort of dating gig for folks that, well... hope to find someone to date 'em?


It's for dating, friends, everything basically. I just got on a couple of days ago. I don't really know much about it.

And being everything to everyone is cool I guess. But I've always had a concern about society in general being so dependent on the net/computers in order to behave in human-like ways - what if the servers fail!

Hey, I see a novel here - (Some time in the future)-

'Society continued to cling to the net, like a suckling to the tite, until eventually the lower limbs of humankind withered away. In addition, people had lost the basic skills to interact with each other on a face-to-face level.

Much like Oz, humans had built themselves up as great machines in their user profiles. A great wave of depression set in as man was faced to accept reality - he/she wasn't a successful software engineer, who likes running, working out, dinners by candlelight, long walks on the beach - as a matter of fact, they could no longer walk at all.

Then on what was to become the new millenium's 'Black Monday', the the unthinkable happened - the master servers were all shut down by the hideous 'Anti-Society Virus'.

Afraid and unable to leave their computer screens, man was only able to stare blankly at the once illuminated screen. In it he saw the reflection of a once recognizable face - his.'

Or not.


you know i don't even know what friendster really is. is it for dating? i have only been on a couple of times since i joined. my sister said that she found alot of friends from here high school and junior high days that she hadn't seen in a while.

I just have 3 questions:

What is it?

Why do we need it?

Is it anything we can't already do on TC?


I just like it cause I'm always either at work or school so it's just nice to meet, talk, etc. with people I wouldn't meet in my day-to-day life. Unfortunately, I don't work with many interesting people.

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