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Dream machine Tiki

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Here's something neat I created a few years back, and pulled out again for a fun tiki party I had last week.

The whole thing is built upon an old turntable. I painted a couple of quick and crude tiki faces on some brown grocery paper, and with a flip of a switch, they now rotate around at 78rpm. Inside, a light bulb rises above where the spindle would be, which lights up everything from the inside. It is pretty neat looking, especially in a dark or dim room. The whole thing stands about 3 feet tall.

The whole thing is based upon something called a Dream Machine, which was designed in the late 50's by William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. I bought the original machine from someone else, and then tiki-fied it later. I still have the original cylinder head, in case I ever want to revert back to the original intended use.


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