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Huki-Lau, Metairie - New Orleans, LA (restaurant)

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Street:3701 Hessmer Ave
City:Metairie - New Orleans

Very excited to have found this postcard from the Huki-Lau restaurant located in the Metairie area of New Orleans. I have posted several items from this place on my Cajun Tiki thread but have never seen an actual photo.

A fine A-frame entrance with home grown Tiki poles and tapa on the inside of the A-Frame.

The waterfall in the corner.

More Tiki poles on the inside.

The owner was Jimmy Tchou.

I found a an ad from the Huki-Lau with renderings and a description of the environs.

And some of the other items that were posted before.

Cajun Tiki indeed!


aquarj posted on Tue, Sep 9, 2014 9:25 AM

Fantastic, thanks DC! One of the very first tiki mugs I ever found "in the wild" was from the Huki-Lau (I think it's called the X eyes mug). That first find was before I had any clue that there was "a thing" about restaurants having mugs shaped like tikis, with their name on the back. I studied that mug and wondered about it and what kind of place it was from. Naturally there's been a wealth of knowledge since then, from Tiki News and the BOT and TC and so much else, but like you I don't recall seeing pics of the Huki-Lau. Anyway, fun to see, thanks.


Swanky posted on Tue, Sep 9, 2014 9:58 AM

Wow, they took one photo and then it got made into matchbooks and ads and everything. It's like that is the only photo in existence!

Close as I can figure for the location in Google Maps. Nothing has the right address, but this building looks too old to be the replacement unless it was replaced in the 60s.

There is an empty lot to the right of this building that is likely where it stood.

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On 2014-09-09 09:25, aquarj wrote:
One of the very first tiki mugs I ever found "in the wild" was from the Huki-Lau (I think it's called the X eyes mug).


That was one of my first mugs too! Being a fan of New Orleans with friends in Metairie I was stoked to get it. Here is the X Eyes Huki Lau mug (images from Ooga Mooga).


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