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Butlin's Beachcomber Bar, Skegness, England (bar)

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Name:Butlin's Beachcomber Bar


This is the fourth installment on the Butlin's Beachcomber Bars featuring the Skegness location. The others were located at Minehead, Bognor Regis, Filey and Ayr.

All of the postcards I have from this Beachcomber feature the inside of the bar area.

The classic hula girl server and the south seas mural.

I like the d├ęcor in the postcard- a more understated Beachcomber. The stacked rum barrels are cool.
The signs advertise a coffee bar, a milk bar and the overhead sign is for the Hula Hula Pancake drink.

Another postcards with the redcoats in leis serving the drinks.
The drink signs advertise the Cuban, the Polynesian Coffee, the Hibiscus, the Outrigger, and the Bamboo.

Another interior postcard with the mural and stacked rum barrels.

Found this postcard on-line with a big Tiki showing on the right.

This is the only photo I could find of the exterior.

In 1974, a fire started in the Chinese ovens next to the Beachcomber and burned the building to the ground.

Trying to find and exterior shot of this place.


DC, I trust that you do have this book now?:


If not, you must get it, as the dedicated Butlin's fan that you are. The large, crisp photographs are true eye candy!

Looky what I found...


The Beachcomber Bar 1964

Butlin's Holiday Camp, Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Great footage of a group of girls competing in a hula hula contest. Good C/Us of their faces and their torsos - they wear grass skirts and leis (sp?). "Who has got the most authentic wiggle?" asks the narrator. Good shots of the girls, the compere and judges.

Brilliant cocktail bar with a cocktail waiter who wears big national health style glasses. He shakes up a cocktail in a silver shaker. C/U of the drink being poured - shaky hands! C/U of the cocktail menu (cor!). A couple are served with cocktails - one with large amount of fruit around the edge of the glass. Signs advertise cocktails available and their prices. The Beachcomber Bar is FAB! Decorated in an incredibly kitsch style with multicoloured lighting, totem poles and palm trees. Why, oh why does it not exist any more?!

Winning girls are given champagne and other holidaymakers are encouraged to join them in a hula hula. Some middle aged men have a go, as do a young couple.

Lights flash, thunder claps are heard and the wind whips up a storm as the Beachcomber Bar is subjected to a tropical storm. Funny shots of a pool with plastic crocodiles in and a backdrop with rain pouring down in front of it. Just such a fabulous place!

Note: Colour looks very saturated in this film but think it is probably due to the lights within the bar.

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