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Looking for-electric flicker light tiki torches

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Help! Have been surfing the net looking for these. I know somebody has them. Have seen them in some catalog but having trouble relocating them to order.Any help would be very welcome!

[ Edited by: princxs on 2003-07-26 10:23 ]

Hi Princxs,
You will be better off financially (I’ve seen them for sale at $50) to do it yourself and it's very easy. If your not mechanically inclined or don’t have the time, get a friend to do it.
First you will need to buy a normal tiki torch, a flicker light bulb, a light socket with cord and plug, and cheap metal cutters, which you will find at any normal hardware store.
Take the torch and unscrew the oil bottle, throw it away. Take your metal cutter and cut the rim around where the wick went, just large enough for the light socket to fit comfortably. Then just run the wire down the back with some scotch tape or fastener, so it cannot be seen. I drilled a whole through the bamboo, but that’s a lot more work.
You can do this for under $15.00! If you have any questions email me. Hope this helps!

Past electric tiki torch talks:

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Hope this helps.

If you don't mind a little bit of extra effort, buy a 36" peice of 1/4" steel rod (not threaded) at your local Po (thats slang for Home De-Po). From both ends, simply ram the steel rod against each of the internal dividers (inside the bamboo) and they will break relatively easy. Then simply feed the electrical cord through the holes.

One more handy piece of advice. If you buy special lamp cord and manually add your plug to the end it will cost you twice as much than if you buy a 12-15' indoor extension cord and cut off the outlet end. The extension cord wire is just as good and the plug is already attached. A 9-12 footer only costs about $2 at the Po.


I experimented with this in my dorm room last semester, with good effect. The flicker bulbs don’t put out that much light, but certainly add to the ambiance of any room. If you’re having trouble finding them, I’d suggest any kind of local lamp store; they are more reliable than a hardware or big box store.

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