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Tiki mugs on Kauai?

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Does anybody know if the Bali Hai Restaurant on Kauai or the Tahiti Nui Restaurant have tiki mugs? Are there any other bars or restaurants on Kauai or Maui that have mugs?


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When I went to the Tahiti Nui a few years ago - they didn't seem to have any tiki mugs - but it was the middle of the day, and I was in a hurry.... Great 60's style polynesian art shellaced on the table tops though!

I just wanted to point out again that, until the late nineties, Tiki mugs where generally not in use anymore ANYWHERE, be it Hawaii OR the mainland. The recent wave of NEW Tiki manufacturing sort of leads one to believe that Tiki mugs are as common in the States as biersteins in Germany, yet they had fallen out of use almost completely, with a few exceptions being supplied by what was left of the Orchids of Hawaii line, and other establishments that were using old stock (like the Hala Kahiki, which in 1994 still served their potions in signature mugs).

However, there are exceptions: The Grand Wailea Resort on Maui had some mugs I had never seen before and since, from Japan.

The best place where the ritual use of Tiki mugs seems to have survived seems to be Spain:
The Madrid and Barcelona Tiki bars all still have their own line of various mugs, according to Otto, who came back with 15 (FIFTEEN) different ones...

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just got back from kauai,
tahiti nui is still operating, but deinately does not have tiki mugs....consider yourself lucky if the glasses are washed!

still a great place, and the karaoke elvis (my brother) was outstanding.



Mama's Fishhouse on Maui has mugs. They are just the 2-faced goblets like Disney used, but with "Mama's Fishhouse Maui" silkscreened on it.

Grand Wailea had mugs!? I was there in May, and didn't see any. Damn! But at least one of the caves in the pool still has an operating bar, although they blast that crappy "Jawaiian" reggae.

Hey Mig,

Of course you know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Poncie spoor, but it occurred to me that it might be fun if you were to offer some kind of reward from your personal collection for the first person to deliver a PP album...

Just a thought - you know me - I'll do it outta love.

On 2002-07-18 10:07, TikiMaxton wrote:
Hey Mig,

Of course you know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Poncie spoor,...

Oops, wrong forum - sorry 'bout that. What I meant to post in this forum was regarding Grand Wailaia's pool, which is awesome - there is indeed still one poolside/cave/swimup bar, but now the pool is much harder to sneak into 'cause they have these new color - coded wristbands you gotta get when you check out your towels. No more grabbing a discarded towel off a lounge chair and acting like you can actually afford to stay at the place - now you gotta find a discarded wristband too! Bastards!

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