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"We've got a Carver Down!"

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Grinder 1 Turbogod 0

Had an "incedent" with a grinder. Nasty cut on index finger, lost the nail. Gonna have to have orthepedic specialist 'cause the tip of the finger was shattered. 11 stitches. All wrapped up nothing to see right now. Expect some kind of character building scar. Thanks to PoweroftheTiki for rushing over to the tttb and droppin me off at the ER.

we had one of those at work last year.A mechanic at work and I were pressing a bearing out of a big DC10 slat drive with a huge,round, chunk of steel. when the bearing fell out, the guy tried to catch it (instinct)and the large steel piece came down on his index finger tip.he pulled away and it ripped the tip off the finger and the whole nail!(2"long). it was so gross I almost fainted (wuss). when do we see photos?(kidding) hope you feel better soon.oh, his finger nail grew back.

Power tools suck. Give me the chisels.... But you have been recommended by your C.O. for the Purple Tiki, first award. Congragulations, soldier!

May the power of the Tiki Healer look upon you.

Glad to hear that you are all right. We missed you at the Honolulu last night, but I did drink a Suffering Bastard in you honor.

The Purple Tiki. Congratulations, soldier!


[ Edited by: powerofthetiki on 2003-07-27 09:18 ]

I've had 1/2 a dozen friends do much the same (usually before I knew'em, so I'm not that much Bad JuJu). Most of'em the nail grew back, but one friend had to have a new nail grown from part of one of his toenails.

(Squeemish alert! Those with weak hearts &/or stomachs should probably stop here!) He was working with a punch press, it needed some kind of punchpress tune-up, but they waited 'til the end of the day to do it, it double-punched as he moved his work piece & took off his fingertip down to the knuckle. They rebuilt him a fingertip outta a piece of the palm of his hand, but he couldn't grow a new nail. They took part of the nail bed offa one toe & transplanted it into his finger and trained it to his fingertip using a metal splint & a short piece of pipe. Last I heard he was working on relearning the guitar, but the fingertip was still really sensitive.


This is why I stick to typing and drinking.

Much safer.

Have a mai tai, you suffering bastard, it'll ease the pain.

Seriously though - feel better. That's an order. I am glad someone is taking these sort of risks to bring new Tikis into the world. The stork doesn't bring 'em, so we need more brave souls willing to risk great personal injury to Tikify the globe. Hope you're healed up and full of vim and vigor sooner than later.

Aloha Turbogod, hope you're up and at 'em in no time. Here's to a mai tai in your honor.


Well the bandages came off today and I got to look at the wound for the first time. Not too bad, as you can see.

Come on Exotica 2003!


Wow!!! I wish I had a magic Tiki finger that could change everything I touched into a Tiki...seriously, I hope you feel better, heal fast and get back to carving soon!

Hang in there.

Power tools need to be respected. When I was about 17 I was using a table saw. Now, I grew up in a wood shop, my father and grandfather father were woodbutchers. I was often lectured about proper use of push sticks, saftey equipment, etc. I started using the table saw at about 13, and by 16 got pretty cocky. I discovered that with the blade set right, and the fence taken off, you can use it like a shaper to rough carve. Well, one day I was doing just that when the blade caught a knot, kicked the wood back, and my hand dropped on to the blade, splitting my thumb in half. It all happened in less than a half second, but I learned a lot of respect in that quick moment. Needless to say, I do nothing like that anymore...

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[ Edited by: Tiki King on 2003-07-30 10:02 ]

I picture something like that in my head sometimes when I'm at the saw. That had to hurt like a mutha F....er. The King has left the ER!

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your injury. The nail should grow back as long as the matrix wasn't damaged (not the videotape of that Keanu Reeves movie, but the nail matrix, that thin "lip" between the finger and the nail itself). Hope you're healed up and back to carving soon!


just seen this, and um...DAM! knock on wood, splinters and a bad back is all I have gotten so far. Oh, I did get some f---ing saw dust in my eyes the other day and it hurt like a mutha!! I felt like a had a hair in my eye ALL day! I woke up the next morning and my eye was sealed shut bye crust.....nasty!

oh ya, the tip of your magic finger looks like the tip of my magic stick.....except mo bigga! smile and get mo betta!


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