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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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has hit 1000!


Congratulations, i think we might need a speach. speach, speach, speach!!!!! LOL

congrats BK!!! You deserve it!

Well there must be a commemerative tiki mug, or something!?


I am hot on your heels!
Now if only I could produce this volume of writing at work. I'd be a millionaire.

Ruh-Roh! We'll have to do a double commemorative.

BK you've stopped at 1002. OH NO, you are frozen in time.

Congratulations BK! I'm realizing I have a loooong way to go!

Or either "Damn...this guy spends way too much time on Tiki Central" but loves every minute of it...

BK, for a while you had 4 posts at 1002, wierd. Carry on.

Not gonna run out of stuff to talk about are you, BK? Dang! I hope not! I consider you to be one of my most consistent sources of useful info!
Congrats on this momentous occasion!

In honor of BK and others hitting 1000 I changed the 1000+ member status to "Honorable Tiki Contributor"

Congrats to Tiki Bong, Basement Kahuna, Trader Woody Oxford, and little ol' Tikifish !

Crap. I'm still about 400 shy.


Thanks, Hanford...You, kind Sir, are an officer and a gentleman.


Welcome to the 1K Club; you'll be receiving instructions on our special handshake and passwords.

Now, just keep posting. See you at the 2K Club Annual Meeting in '04.

Bong, If you need a FedEx adress to which my Polynesian Enigma machine can be mailed, just let me know...

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