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Mokihana Bar, Kokee Lodge, Kauai, HI (bar)

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Name:Mokihana Bar, Kokee Lodge
Street:Waimea Canyon


I finally found a postcard from the Mokihana Bar that was located in the Kokee Lodge at the top of Waimea Canyon on the garden island of Kauai. Been looking for this one for years.

A great looking authentic Tiki bar in Hawaii.

This place had it all, real Tikis, drums and Leeteg paintings on the wall.

Drinks served in coconut mugs seen on the bar.

And what drinks would those be?? The exotic Mokihana of course as seen on this drink card from by collection.

Here is an old postcard showing the exterior of the lodge.

It is still there, but does not look like this.


Thanks for the card images! The outside looks about the same these days, but, sadly, not the inside.

Dusty, thanks so much for your continued postings of your great finds! I appreciate it even more now that others are posting less.

aloha and mahalo, tikicoma


Damn, if it still looked like that, I'd be there every day!


definitely some OA catalog material in there.

the turntable and the national cash register really add that neat touch!

Yeah, that Maori Tiki is from O.A. originally, I got a blonde version of it from "The Tikis", and it's in "Tiki Pop" now, since it was in the Paris exhibit. Here it is being handled by the Musee Quai Branly staff:

This one already made Tiki Revival history when Mark Ryden saw it at my house and used it for his Les Baxter CD cover:

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