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Tiki find in Santa Cruz

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If anyone is going to be in Santa Cruz in the next week or so I just wanted to let you know about a good tiki find. There's an antique/thrift store at the top of Pacific Garden Mall (1541 Pacific Avenue/downtown) called Mr. Goodies that has a whole tiki display in the window. It includes mugs (which I'm going to check out today), some Hawaiiana lamps, vintage fabric and a great bamboo display shelf that is sadly out of my budget. The phone number if you need directions is (831)427-9997. Happy hunting!

If you make your way to Mr. Goodies be sure to check out the Japanese place next door ... it's called Benten ... delish!

I hope to get down there.
Did you happen to see any tikis for sale?

I didn't see any in the window at Mr. Goodies but I was driving by Aloha Santa Cruz the other day and saw two very nice looking tikis through the door. I was going to set up a wedding at the Cocoanut Grove so I couldn't stop and I haven't had time to get back down there. I'll give a report later when I get back from Mr. Goodies.

Hi again CT,
I know the Coconut Grove has an incredible history. If the walls could talk.
Is there any Polynesian\Tiki decor in there?

The Cocoanut Grove is amazing ... upstairs there is an entire history wall, complete with photos. It used to be a huge indoor swimming pool and I know it hosted the Miss California pageant for many years (it was eventually moved to the Civic Auditorium and then driven out of SC completely by the PC element). Sadly, there is no tiki but there is a great kitchy pirate-themed indoor miniature golf course that makes you feel like you're playing inside a cheesier Pirates of the Carribbean.

I was in Capitola in April 2003 and stumbled across a store called "Big Kahuna" 217 Capitola Ave. One block in and the store is stuffed with great shirts. Just a well deserved plug.

I have been in that store and they do have a nice selection of threads. Unfortunately, there is a woman who lurks around that shop and the shoe store next door who is completely rude. I have never met such an unfriendly and unhelpful reptile. I think she may even owns both places. I refuse to spend my $$$ at a place where the people who work there treat the customers like they are an annoyance.
Maybe I caught her on bad days, but whenever I went into either of those shops, that Hag was there and she was oozing bad voodoo!


I was down at the "colorful end" of Pacific Garden Mall tonight and there were several vintage used clothing stores with a great selection of "classic" Hawaiian shirts. One shop even had a window display complete with tiki torches, tropical fabric and a couple of those plastic Moai head lamps.


Re: the Big Kahuna

I had an entirely different experience. Once the the eurotrash customers in the fur coats and matching cowboy hats left I was greated by whom I thought to be the "Big Kahuna" himself. A gargantuan Hawaiian kid with perma-grin. He asked me if he could help me find something, to which I quipped, "don't have anything with Primo on it, do you?" Without saying a word he moved several boxes and pulled out a hideous lime green "da best kine beer" type and then my coveted brown "Primo" shirt. I gleefully purchesed both shirts. Just then a kid from the shop next door came in to ask the big kahuna if it was "tea time" yet. Being familiar with this particular event I felt an immediate need to "smoke a joint" myself.
No wicked witch. I went there on the good day=)

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I too live in Santa Cruz, so hello to all my fellow Santacruzians!

Have you been to the Hula Hut at Attilla's Antiques? Lisa is the woman who runs the shop. She is a little pricey, but very nice and willing to deal. They have tons of Hawaiiana and a decent selection of Tiki. Its worth checking out!

Also, is anyone interested in developing a Tiki society locally? We could trade mugs and swap stories on where to find the best deals in the area.

Cool Manchu


Hey Cool Manchu, The tiki scene here seems to be getting bigger each week. We are still a pretty small group. We were talkin about a possible crawl around Monterey a while back. That could still be an idea. Unga Bunga has got a bar that needs to be tested still. I get the feeling something is headed out way soon.


I am still developing my Tiki Bar in my head. I will have to invite you all over when I have it completed!

Cool Manchu.


I rent a cool little place by the point. I have a Hawaiian theme runnin throughout the house and a few tikis in the backyard. No bar or room for a proper party though, However , we are but a stones throw away from a good bonfire location. I got wood and tiki torches. My girlfriend and I were thinking about possibly puttin' something together after the Duke Paddle:

Any other interest?


Welcome and Aloha Cool Manchu! I would definitely be into a SC Tiki Society.

Aloha Everyone!

The sad irony of my want to have a Tiki Bar and collect tiki mugs is that I don't drink, well not very often.

I just love the idea of the Tiki lifestyle. I am finding myself immersed in this stuff.

However, it doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in getting to know some more locals, since I don't personally know anyone who collects Tiki, I am sure I could learn quite a bit from you and impart what little knowledge I have accumulated as well.

I started collecting 3 months ago when I broke up with my ex and just purchased my 32 Tiki mug.

I also have been collecting Frankoma stuff from the Club Trade Winds in Ohio. So far I have the Bamboo Tiki mug, several small Clam Shell dishes and two coconut mugs.

You know, I think that Pacific Ave. could use a great Tiki Bar and possibly a grill. Knowing Santa Cruzians, I think that they would flock to the joint.

Any thoughts?


The Queen and I have been scouting Locations for a while, but so far have not found one we like. Also liquor liceneses are not easy to come by here. Still trying....

Keep me posted, I would be a regular!

What about the building that used to be Palookaville? It's a great space and just off Pacific.

I saw Morris Day and the Time there.
oh wee oh wee oh ... jungle love!

You guys will have a tiki mug, in your hand, at my bar,in time.
I promise

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Well, I have dreams of a Tiki place somewhere in the downtown area. The only problem with Palookaville's is that it doesn't have an outside area.

I want to have fire at my Tiki bar, so having an outside area for a pit would be essential.

I think that Kiva would be a great location, but I think they do too good of a business to buy them out.

Did you hear they were going to build an Outback Steakhouse right next door to Kiva? There was a huge outcry about it and the city counsel wouldn't approve it. I guess it would have ruined the mellow vibe at Kiva.

Personally, I prefer the Well Within. Anyone who is considering a trip to Santa Cruz should check it out.


I agree with you 100% about Well Within! I love that place and have never left unhappy.

I have never been to Kiva or Well within.
What are they bars or restaurants?
Have you been to the new Carribean food place on Portola near 28th? It looks nice now that they cleaned up the property, but I was hopin' for a Hawaiian grinds.


Kiva is a Spa on Water Street. I had it confused with a Coffee house downtown that I was intially referring too. But the name escapes me as I don't do the java.


Well Within is across the street from Pergolese (sp?) and is a spa, massage kind of place.

Here is the URL:

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On 2003-08-12 18:29, Cool Manchu wrote:
Kiva is a Spa on Water Street. I had it confused with a Coffee house downtown that I was intially referring too. But the name escapes me as I don't do the java.


I think I will go there for this event:
"Women's Morning"
Sundays - 9am - 1:30pm
"Enjoy the camaraderie of other women"

That is, if I can sneek in. (Unga = male)

Hey Unga,

I am there with you! We can have our own "Some Like It Hot" reinactment!


Tuck it in boys ... most people hang naked at these places.

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