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Tiki in Dublin, Ireland?

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Hello all, native SoCal resident here that has just moved to the emerald isle and is in desperate need of some tiki! I check Critiki religiously but have found none in the area of Dublin. There are tons across the water in London and even in Oxford. I am holding out hope that someone may know a place in Ireland (anywhere, really, everywhere here is a day trip or maybe an overnight so I'm not picky!) I have found places online that do 'tiki nights' but it's really just an excuse to break out the Hawaiian shirts and not much else. I am just crossing my fingers that someone may have some information on somewhere I can wet my whistle with a good Missionary's Downfall or Zombie!

Thanks for any and all help!



This was posted a few years back with no responses. I'm heading to Ireland this year and was wondering if there is an update to this? Anyone found any tiki bars in Ireland???

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