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Tiki coverage in the San Diego Union-Tribune

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Today's U-T's HomeScape section had a cover article on Tiki & Polynesian Pop:


The aricle talks about Bosko, and has pictures of him, his garden, and his Tikis; mentions Bill Collins & has a picture of one of his Tikis ; Mentions Marc Menkin & his wife Darlynne Reyes & has a picture of them enjoying a refreshing beverage with one of their backyard Tikis; and has an overview of Polynesian Pop mentioning Sven Kirsten, Bali Hai, the new Spa Tiki day spa in the Harbor Club downtown, basic pricing for Tikis & bamboo, Bamboo 2 U & Tiki's Too, and a quick how-to from Bosko on doing Tiki.

There's more, so read the article.


Not a bad article, although they could have taken it a lot further in my opinion. There's much more to San Diego tiki culture than they eluded to. However, I was ecstatic to see a full page (and then some) of tiki when I opened the paper yesterday! The online article doesn't show the photos so I thought I'd post them below. Here ya go...

ModMana :drink:

Paradise found!

I love the tiki wedding chapel.
(Unnecessary to spend thousands on a wedding dress - Need to use that $$ honeymooning in the islands to get tiki mana to bless the nuptials).

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