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Kapu Hut (at McMenamins North Bank), Eugene, OR (bar)

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Name:Kapu Hut (at McMenamins North Bank)
Street:22 Club Rd.
Phone:(541) 343-5622


New tiki bar inside McMenamins North Bank pub & restaurant. For you football fans, this is along the road to Autzen Stadium. Got this info from an e-mail blast - haven't actually been there. Some decent tiki drinks on the menu, plus a sizable rum list. Some nice tiki mugs and decor in the photo gallery.

[ Edited by: Rum Balls 2014-11-04 10:02 ]

[ Edited by: Rum Balls 2014-11-04 10:02 ]

You scared me with the "For all you football fans" phrase....thought you were going to follow that up with "NFL Sunday Ticket on forty big screens".


McMenamin's North Bank was made to be a tiki bar. The location is as exotic as Oregon gets and is a pleasant one mile walk to and from Autzen Stadium, a riverside stroll I have taken many times. The Kapu Hut used to be a sports bar and it may have some big screens still in there but I didn't see any in the picture in Eugene Weekly's announcing article. If you go there and like what they have done, or at least think they are on the right track, please let the management know and encourage them to go the extra yard and convert the restaurant and outdoor sitting area as well. McMenamin's is a big deal and if this place is a success we might see a few more of their bars convert.


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