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Jade Tiki, South Bloomfield, MI (restaurant )

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Name:Jade Tiki
Street:3250 South Boulevard
City:South Bloomfield
Phone:248 852-8181


Click above for my review of the Jade Tiki. Please note this place is not very tiki, it is more of the Chinese Restaurant with tiki mugs and a wee waterfall type of place. But if you're in the area, why not. It is pretty hard to find though. the streets do some funky number change thing and are not well marked - I sugest getting a Mapquest map before you go...

It’s time to pick another thread from the very back of the Locating Tiki forum and see what’s up with the place now.

First, the correct address:

Jade Tiki Restaurant
3250 South Blvd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

As the original poster said, the Jade Tiki is not very tiki. Since it's listed here though, we might as well flesh it out a little.

The Jade Tiki first opened its doors August 9, 1977. It’s a strip mall Chinese restaurant with “Tiki” in the name and some tikis by the door.

Here is the inside. There is a small koi pond on the left.

The Jade Tiki had a full bar and they served some old-school tropical drinks including Mai-Tai, Singapore Sling, etc. They even had tiki mugs.

I don’t know much about tiki mugs but I’m guessing those are generic mugs that any restaurant can buy.

After 34 years, the Jade Tiki closed October 16, 2011.

Tiki Central user ukutiki later purchased the front door pulls from the now closed Jade Tiki and shared these close-up photos of them.

You can clearly see the pulls attached to the front doors in some of the earlier photos.

Even though this, the original location, is now closed, the Jade Tiki's owners still have several other restaurants running in the Detroit area including these:

Jade Tiki Restaurant
45749 Mound Road
Utica, MI 48317

Jade Tiki Express
48899 Hayes Road
Shelby Township, MI 48315

Jade Tiki Too
43526 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling Height, MI 48314

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With the possibility that I may be appearing paranoid I am the person who "acquired" (according to the previous post) the Jade Tiki door handles. His words make it sound like I was being less than honest in my original post. The fact is that I purchased the door handles directly from Jade Tiki. In fact, in order to purchase them I had to go across the street to a hardware store and buy a hacksaw in order to saw through the screws that were attaching them to the front door. Just wanted to set the record straight in case anyone thought the handles were not authentic.

On 2013-02-23 06:59, ukutiki wrote:
With the possibility that I may be appearing paranoid...

Please accept my humblest apologies, ukutiki. I obviously read much more into your post than is actually there. I’ve edited my entry above. Please let me know if it is still not satisfactory. It was my intention only to gather together what we know about the Jade Tiki into one place.

Saving tikis is an honorable activity, Wendy


No problem

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