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tiki-house, LAJARES fuerteventura spain, spain (apartments)

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Street:calle central
City:LAJARES fuerteventura spain
Phone:06 80 31 54 46

The Tiki-House

2500 meters square garden.
1 house 3 bedrooms - 6 pax.
and 3 apartments 2 bedrooms - 4 pax.
Swimming pool.
Bamboo Bali house.
Private parking.
2 BBQ 3 hammocks.
Quiet and tranquility.
Surfing all year.
Best Europeen place for Kite surfing and Paddle board.
Volcanos for treeking at 5 minutes. Bicycles.

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Is this an ad?

no in the file Tiki location..
is not good ?
jean marc


Photos would be nice...

come for kite surf or surf !!!

It seems this is something you rent out to tourists?
and not a vintage restaurant, bar or building.

While I reserve this area of Tiki Central for more historical Tiki sites
it is not up to me to say where you should post this, but I don't see much Tiki here, can you post some more photos
of what would make this a Tiki House?

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