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Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge , Ft. Lauderdale, FL (bar)

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Otto posted on Tue, Dec 2, 2014 12:36 AM

Name:Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge
Street:2608 S Federal Highway
City:Ft. Lauderdale

The opening of this bar seems to have escaped the radar of national Tiki attention. I had the opportunity to visit in April before the bar was really up and running but most of the decor was in. The local Ft. Lauderdale Rockabilly and Hot Rod scenesters know the Kreepy Tiki bar well as it has hosted many live bands as a club and beer joint. But they recently got their liquor license and have chosen to focus on the bar and less on the bands. Jaksin posted about his tattoo shop when it opened in 2008. I can vouch not only for his shop (I have two tats from Jaksin) but for Jaksin and his crew as being bona fide Tiki lovers. I met them at the Hukilau one year and many moons ago they hosted a Mai Kai reunion event bringing together many of the former Mai Kai performers.

There are a bunch of photos of the tattoo shop next door and it is still thriving and lookin just as Tiki as ever


Ayme gave these interesting tidbits:

-Live Bands on the Weekend
-Featuring tiki drinks and classic cocktails (made with fresh pressed juices).
-Our cocktail menu was designed by Gui Jaroschy of the Broken Shaker (voted top 10 bars in the US) and Trevor Alberts formerly of Orange Blossom, both in Miami.
-Wide selection of craft beers
-All of Jacksins antique Tiki collectibles are displayed throughout the bar.

Otto posted on Tue, Dec 2, 2014 12:44 AM

There are a bunch of photos of the tattoo shop next door and it is still thriving and lookin just as Tiki as ever

I wish i would have known they were open when i was down for the hukilua last june i would have stopped by.

Would love to get a report on the quality of the new drinks. I've known of this place for the past couple years and have heard great things about the guys who run it but have never bothered to stop in when visiting South Florida because they only served beer. A tiki bar needs cocktails! Glad they finally got the license. Hope they're doing it right. Will be back down there in April to try for myself but would love to hear testimonials from the locals.

Hayward? Chip and Andy?


Crap, just left FLL today from a tour and could have stopped by this place! ;/)

Mr. Ho

On 2014-12-05 12:15, mikehooker wrote:
Would love to get a report on the quality of the new drinks.

Drinks get better every single day!

The menu is not as 'big' as the Mai Kai menu, but the Mai Kai had a head start so that is kind of an unfair comparison.

I'll keep it simple and give you the short review.... They make some mean classics and some great originals and you won't be disappointed when you visit.

And try the Saturn!

Kreepy Tiki Lounge is The Atomic Grog's Tiki Bar of the Week ...

Here are some photos from my last visit:

Jet Pilot

Mai Tai

Note the premium spirits, including five drinks featuring Smith & Cross Jamaican rum.

In the fall, Fort Lauderdale-based South Florida Distillers (makers of Fwaygo Rum) and Kreepy Tiki Lounge are both moving to a new, 6,000-square-foot facility located just behind the current Kreepy Tiki location. When complete, there will be a separate area for the distillery, with Kreepy Tiki taking over the entire back portion of the building for a cocktail bar and music venue.

Full story:

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