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Pufferfish Beachcomber Lamp

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Hi Everyone,
Here's a pic of a beachcomber style lamp that I finished this evening. I used a wood pulley on top instead of the typical driftwood yoke and tried to do some fancy rope work after being inspired by Tiki Skip's amazing rope work.
Thanks for looking!


Looks great.
I hate to ask but how do you change the light bulb?

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cy posted on Wed, Dec 3, 2014 8:09 AM

Very carefully.


Haha! It's actually easier than it looks! There's a enough room to pull the bottle out of the netting when you slide the cork float up the rope towards the pulley.


Glad to hear that Jamie.
I had a project that I started many years ago and still have not got to but I
cut some wood then sanded and roughed up the edges last placed it under the roof
where rain rolls off.
This made the wood look truly old.
This is a trick you can use right now if you plan to make these lights again.
Oh and knots can be good too.
Good luck!

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Love the puffer fish inside the bottle, great job.

That's gorgeous! How did you make it?

Awesome, I like how the puffer looks all ghosty in there, nicely done!

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