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....is to even bother reading my repost. Sorry Doc Z.

[ Edited by: badmojo on 2003-07-28 06:13 ]



Not this game again!!

When this game reared its ugly head last September, I spent hours (yes, literally HOURS) playing and never made it to the board once. Played it again sometime in March: no luck then either.

Now I have to try again? Gee thanks, Badmojo, it's not like I don't have enough to do already...


BTW, this link gives you the game full screen: http://games.alentus.com/games/makai/games/spearthrow.swf


so far i can't get it past 495 and on average it's about 450-475 range. it took me a little while to figure out that you don't just hit the mouse button to start it and to throw it. instead you hit the mouse button to start but then you hold the mouse button down when throwing until you want to release the spear then you let go of the button. this will make your guy turn and throw farther. my new best is 524 so close. this game is addicting

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Now I will have to take a vacation day. Might as well as also cancel exercizing for the day as well as crack open the first beer. Oh darn.

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