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Rattiki's SEA Tiki Tour - Philippines

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Well I have been here for a couple of weeks and it has been quite impressive. I started my tiki research with a trip to some bamboo furnature makers in Angeles City where I found a full living room set went for (asking price) of $50, a dinette $46 and queen size bed $30! Of course shipping would be 5-10 times that, but still a great savings over the $1400 I saw that Costa Rican living room set go for! :P

Then up to the mountains in North Luzon to the villages of Bontoc and Banue. We got hit by a class 3 typhon (probably the best place to have been in such a storm), but when the skies cleared my little hula girl and I proceded to procure too many carved wooden Tikis for stupid cheap prices! I broke down and bought one authentic local piece that looks more New Guinean or African for the obserd (hehehe) price of $7, but I found many 'mass produced' pieces (meaning they make them over and over again slowly by hand, as compared to my one off $7 piece) for around 50 Pisos, or $1 a piece! Many are very kewl and almost cartoonish looking. I swear a Tiki with a sheald, spear and giant Poly style headress came from the Simpsons! These pieces are all 12 inches tall, but were available fom 6" to 18'+ I also got a beautiful neckless made with leather and a dozen wild bores teeth for $15, SO kewl.

We are now on the beach in Puerto Galera where there is heaps of bamboo and rattan EVERYWHERE! The interiors of the bars and hotels as well as the furnature are all made of it! BUT not enough use of their Tikis for decoration :(

I have shot plenty of video which I will publish when I get back in Oct.

Next I leave for Cambodia on Sat.


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