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House, Malibu, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki House
Type:Private Residence
Street:18904 Pacific Coast Highway

I saw an old Tiki style house on PCH in Malibu the other day, I was wondering if anyone knew the history of the place. There are a couple old Tikis at the driveway entrance. There is also Tahitian style roofs over the 2 or three doorways that face the street. The bamboo that is on the exterior is hard to see as it was painted over. I originally thought that this house was an apartment complex, but when I pulled over to snoop around, I was told by the Nanny who was taking out the trash, that it is a single private residence.

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This house caught my eye today as we drove past it. There has got to be some good history behind the place. There were A frame thatched roofs with tikis painted below them and i saw 2 tikis that were standing guard next to the entrance gate. Looks like the stuff has been there awhile since there is alot of fading and deterioration. When i google that address there is a website called Movie Land Directory that lists the house as once being owned by Natalie Talmadge who was apparently a silent film actress and died at the home in the 1960s.



Did a tiny bit of snooping. Natalie moved into the house with her two sons following her divorce from Buster Keaton. The house had been bought for her by her sister Constance Talmadge in 1932. But I'm guessing the tikification of the place followed Natalie's death. I don't know if her sons owned it or sold it after she died.

The Talmadge sisters (there was also a Norma Talmadge) were quite famous actresses in their day. There's even a community named for them in San Diego. My mom lives there, near Natalie Street.

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That is some interesting info on that house. I have been wondering about it for many years. Great to know the A-framed Tikis are still around. I always thought it was a surf shack. If her sons grew up on the beach in Malibu, it would make sense that they became surfers, which could explain the Tikis.

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