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My first five tikis

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these are my first five attempts at carving tikis.

[ Edited by: Stoopid tiki 2015-02-02 22:39 ]


Very nice carves ST! You definitely have some nice bold lines going on. Are those all recent? Tell us where you're located. Do you have some more carves planned?

Welcome to TC!

I busted out one a day last week mon tunes we'd Thursday Friday. Did them on my lunch break with a grinder. Gave the neighbors a breake on the weekend. I leave in az. I found about 11 pieces of Palm wood this weekend going to make some more already started another one yesterday. I have two pices of wood about 6 feet by 30 inches and a bunch of smaller pices about 30 to 40 inches tall. Still trying to find my style trying new designs each time some painted some not.

Just finished another tiki!

I have nine completed now!


Nice work!

Just finished no.10

[ Edited by: Stoopid tiki 2015-02-14 14:09 ]


Made this guy something to past the time with :)


niiiice. i love the variety you're designing into these.

Thanks for the comment. I have been trying different styles just doing all the ones I like. Kind of like willie Nelson says there are no more original songs?. Thanks for the comment agin it's fun to hear what people think about it. I know my kids are sick of it haha

My first two headed tiki. Just finished it tonight. It's six feet tall.

I stained my two headed monster.

My first tiki with a body.

New guy today.

"Mr. Shag"

Mr. Shag is unlike anything I've seen other than the root top tikis. This is a really fun design. I bet your kids think you are a cool dad. Wendy


Probably time to change your thread title...


Looks really awesome. Especially love the red eye-d guy.

Wow the lights in the eyes is really special. I hope you'll also do some Cook Island tikis which are my favorites. Thanks for the great photos, Wendy

I started making tikis last March. So it's been one year that I have been making tikis. Since I have made over 150 tikis. Kind of an obsession I guess you could say.

Wow you are really working hard. I especially like the last two. Now that you have made more than 5 you can go back to your first post, click on edit at it's bottom and then that allows you to change your title. I like to put the date of my last post there so it cues people that new things are up.

Keep posting, you have a wonderful body of work. Wendy

10 foot on site tiki carved in a chisel finish. 8 foot pine tiki mask. Gronko style tiki mask

Dude, you're a machine! Fantastic work--what tools/equipment do you use? You mentioned grinder early on, but I'm pretty sure that's not a bench grinder, and the finished work is too polished for straight chain saw work. Amazing, really.

hi thanks BUD. I JUST use a metal grinder and chainsaw. and then do my finishing work with axes, chisels and razor blades. hell i will use a spoon if i have to. what ever is in arms reach.

some of my most newest tikis. I haven't posted in a long time.

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