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Stoopid Tikis

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First time posting in this forum. I have been in the tiki gallery forum and was told this may be a better place to post my stuff. Been carving 3 weeks and have 14 finished tikis. Having a ton of fun. Trying lots of differnt styles.


Stoopid Tiki. Your carving skills look smart! I am happy to be the First to Welcome you to T C . WELCOME Glad your here . your in the right place! stay and keep comming back. LOL,

I started carving tikis in september 2014 about four months ago! this was my first tiki before Tiki Central
I did not know nothing I had some basic carving skills thats it did not know what types of palms to use paint poly tools i was clueless and members in TC guided me through the learning prosses

Stoopid Tiki How much are you selling your tikis for and where are you from..

Looking forward to carve up a friendship and have a Great Day!


Nice work thanks for taking the time for the warm welcome and incourage meant. After looking around site it's easy to be intimidated by the talent. I am very happy with my results so far but got a long way to go. My stoopid chainsaw broke today I was going to make my first full body tiki. ..... Hey on some of palm logs there was some splitting on the top. Is that normal? So far has not damaged the carvings on outside. Here are the first lines of last tiki before he broke.

This is the splitting I was talking about

Throw it away...It's only going to get worse.

That log was from the top of the tree and probably had a ratio of about 60% tree mass to 40% water. When that much water disappears from the log as it dries, it makes those cracks because there wasn't much log material to begin with, and without that water there anymore, no more log.

I only use the bottom 20 feet of trees anymore. Stronger, older part of the tree that only has maybe 10% water. I got tired of throwing away truckloads of logs that looked like yours.

Buzzy Out!

How can I tell if I am
Getting top or bottom of tree before I lug it home? Thanks for the good tip too

The top is usually the more aggressive one....


Stoopid Tiki. I continue running into the same issues, I am glad that your getting feed back from other members. because I am learning my self. Yes it can be some what intimidating but this is what TC is all about, making a effort to be as good as the artist you admire here, I have been getting alot of help incouragement from alot of old members, Will Carve Aloha Station Cy Big T. Texas tiki, Conga And I am grateful, But I have to say that my hero is Soul Surf Tiki user name pjc5150. He is my hero because he came into tiki central with no skills just a passion to carve, and as you look through his pictures you can see how he has progressed through the years, Thats why he is my hero because he Gave me HOPE! That I to can start with little carving skills and become the carver I wish to Be! Looking forward to see more of your stoopid Tikis Have a great day.

Just made this today. First time making a body.

Welcome to TC! I like your tikis.

Where are you located? I always hope when someone is new to TC that they're from my area....

New guy today!

Stoopid,welcome aboard man! Glad to see another carver on here from the Phoenix area. Like what you're kickin out.


On 2015-02-27 01:42, Atomic Tiki Punk wrote:
The top is usually the more aggressive one....

bahahaha! drumroll please!!!


Good job ST! Your tikis are growing! Love this guy -

Thanks but that tall tiki with all cuts was a surf soul tiki. Someboy sent me that picture for insperation. One day I will be that good.


On 2015-03-03 20:46, Stoopid tiki wrote:
Thanks but that tall tiki with all cuts was a surf soul tiki. Someboy sent me that picture for insperation. One day I will be that good.

LOL, well Jeff would be happy for the comps then! Keep at it!

"Mr. Shag"

Monkey Tiki

cy posted on Sun, Mar 8, 2015 3:19 PM

The wild man of Borneo.

Someone text me that my last tiki looks like this lol

About your splitting palm wood. Its probably a queen palm. I never have good luck with them. They usually split like that and rot quickly. I stay away from the queen. I like sable and actually really like coconut. Coconut is nice and hard and usually looks like dark wood when varnished.


Dig your style, its you!

Thanks for the advice and nicework thanks for the encouragement. Just finished this guy he is 4ft tall. I am finally getting my hands on some larger logs. He is already sold.


I like your style!!


goin big huh? nice!

Love the attention to detail


you really have some nice stuff going on lately! can't figure out how you get those tikis to stand sideways, though... (just kidding!)

Thanks a lot

Great stuff!

I was having issues with my pics getting sideways as well. I have been taking my pics with my iPhone and when posted they'd load sideways. I found that if I go to the picture in the iPhone album and hit "edit" then hit the "wand" at the top (this enhances the photo) then save picture, it changes the format. Then once I post them they are no longer posting sideways. Hope this helps.

Keep the tikis coming, I enjoy seeing your work.



Those last few are really nice!

That guy's slick.
He looks like a bitter.

Very Cool

2n posted on Sun, Jan 17, 2016 5:29 PM

You're carvings are awesome. Really love your work.

Nice palm.
Good job.

Good stain choice

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