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Kahala, Barcelona - Spain, Barcelona, Spain (bar)

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Name:Kahala, Barcelona - Spain
Street:Avda. Diagonal, 537

This is the oldest of Barcelona's Tiki bars, originating in the early 70's. Excellent tiled decor which combines the Spanish taste for elaborate tiling with imaginitive Tiki splendour. The very friendly barmen serve an amazing array of cocktails, all served up in classic Spanish Tiki mugs. (Not for sale). As with all Tiki bars in Barcelona, this opens in the evenings only.

While located on a major road, this was a fairly long walk from the nearest metro station, so a cab may be advisable.

More details and photos available here: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1616&forum=1
and here: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=3076&forum=1

Trader Woody

We just got back from a trip to Spain and have some new photos of the Kahala in Barcelona..

The place is amazing inside and out! There is a nice little atrium when you walk in that includes some interesting tiki's, but looks slightly odd with an Aztec influence to the walls. Imagine Indiana Jones going to the Pacific.... The atrium still serves its purpose, and that is to separate you from the outside world. Once you 'enter' the bar, all you can hear is the sound of the waterfall.

Once you get inside, you are going to notice one of three things, depending on which way you are looking: The amazing floor, the cool fish tank (no puff fish..) or the bar and phone box....

The floor: The floor is the really amazing terrazzo with giant japanese style coi in contrasting colors stamped/layed in. The pattern repeats the entire length of the bar and looks like it might have onetime gone all the way through to the back room.

The bar: Just inside the door is a phone box guarded by two floor tiki's that are about two and half feet tall. The edge of the cubby is trimmed floor to ceiling with carved wood in multiple styles. The phone has one big button for a cab, and for those that are sober enough to manage the smaller normal keypad. Immediately beyond the phone box is the bar. There are idols above and below and you are not sure which to look at first... The bottom idols spaced along the length of the bar switch back and forth between paintings and wood carvings and include Hawaiian, Marquesian and Aztec idols. Interesting mix to say the least. Above the bar are back or bottom lit paintings that were lit with black light and therefore hard to see as anything other than interesting lights above the bar.

The place is filled with low tables and equally low chairs. The decor is appropriately dim and transports you to a far away land. There is a back room that looks like the inside of a hut with a thatch ceiling and a post in the middle that looks like a giant totem pole. Polynesian idols meet Alaskan Indian craft style. Mixed metaphors aside, it is really cool!

The bar is amazing, the menu even more so! The menu is a giant face that matches their logo and includes all of the usual drinks. The vessels they serve in, however, are simply beyond description. Andy was served in a split vessel and they put the dry ice in the sides and dropped in hot water when served to fog the drink/table/seating area. Way cool! My drink was served in a giant boat with Moai on the ends of the boat. The service was amazing, the presentation even better, but the drinks themselves were slightly disappointing. It was a Monday night and there was a soccer game on, so we were still happy.

I have some photos and am working on a more detailed description here:


If you try you will find me, where the sky meets the sea, your special island, come to me, come to me...

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I just found an old sticker from the Kahala which I thought I'd post a picture of before it got stuck on our car.

Trader Woody

I think it´s a little known fact that a second Kahala existed in Benicarlo (Castellon) during the 80´s


The Porcelanas Pavon Thambuli Mug from the Kahala:


Some photos from the "Fez Monkey does Tiki Europe in Six Weeks" 2008 trip.

I have a menu around here somewhere as well.

Of all the three legacy tiki bars in Barcelona, the staff at Kahala was the friendliest by far. I think it has to do with them being so close to the University and dealing with students all the time.

(Please, no one take it as a challenge to make a mug from that drawing.)

  • fez

Aloha All,

some pictures of the Kahala, April 2012

The Kahala is amazing !
beautiful decor, very friendly staff,
great drinks.


Looks good, tastes bad. Still... I got one drink (out of many) that resembled to real tiki drinks too!


Great decor and people. The music was loud Spanish pop. Zombie drink was good. From the four Spanish tiki bars I went to I felt the drink flavor was worse then American tiki bars in general. Close to the MAI THAI I had in Thailand.

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