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Aloha - Barcelona - Spain, Barcelona, Spain (bar)

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Name:Aloha - Barcelona - Spain
Street:c/ Provenza, 159
Phone:93 451 79 62

The Aloha has perhaps the finest long bar of the Barcelona Tiki bars. Decor is imaginative, with many Tikis, plus a large area of private 'beach hut' style seating. A large menu of cocktails is available and most mugs plus Tiki pendants are for sale, contained in a glass viewing case. Sadly the ponds at the entrance are no longer filled with exotic wildlife, but the decor and atmosphere are suitably impressive. Occasional themed parties occur, if you are lucky. Busiest at the weekends.

Located in a rather obscure part of town, this bar has eluded some of the keenest Tikiphiles and so arriving by cab is recommended.

More details and photos available here: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1616&forum=1
and here: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=3076&forum=1

Trader Woody

Yes, a gorgeous place with very friendly staff. Their mugs are MUCH better priced that the Kahiki's but they don't have the monkey! The Kahiki mugs start at $22 Euros!

BIG warning: the Aloha only take cash, so bring plenty if you plan to buy out the mugs as I did! But smart fellows that they were, they provided me with a barback to escort me to the ATM across the street (it was 3:30 AM after all, and I was alone!) so I could draw out more cash and pay for ALL the mugs I could carry, not just the ones for which I happened to have enough cash! Good business practice!

The cheapest mug, the Aloha signature mug with a Hawaiian wahine on the front and Aloha on the back, was $14 Euros (maybe 12?). The pendant is $3 Euros, and the rest of the mugs go for 16 on up into the high 20's. Bowls were prohibitive for my budget, as the Euro happened to suck like a Hoover when I was there. I think the Aloha ashtray was $8 Euros?

NOTE: I am told that Otto got all of his from the Kahala for much cheaper than this, so if you're mug hunting, I'd start there first. It (the Kahala) is the farthest out of the 3 Barcelona tiki bars, so a pub crawl should probably start there anyway. It's out quite east-northeast from the main part of town. NEXT time I'll get there!!

Yeah, I guess we've all had slightly different experinces with the Barcelona Tiki bars. The Kahala wasn't selling any mugs when I went, though the friendly barman gave me a great Cook Islands mug (keep this under your hat - he wasn't supposed to!)

The Kahiki's mugs were a similar price to the Aloha's when I went - 16 Euros and up. The mugs they sold had been used, unlike those at the Aloha. Perhaps they realised they were running low on mugs and decided to crank up the price!

The Aloha was by far the easiest to buy mugs from, having a display case with the prices right there. I think the ashtrays were actually 18 Euros. (That's how much I paid...)

The cost of mugs soon mounts up in Barcelona, particularly as you are spending so much money anyway on having a good time, so make sure you've got plenty of excess cash
in your account if you want to take back a good haul of mugs!

Trader Woody


I was just at the Aloha last week, and while the decor and mugs were fantastic, I thought the high-priced drinks totally sucked.

When I asked the bartender for a Mai Tai, and he immediately started grabbing random bottles and pouring them into mugs unmeasured, never a promising sign. I also noticed that there was almost no alcohol in it except for a splash of brandy. The final product was weak, dark blue, and tasted like the Kool-Aid Man's ass. Just awful. My friend and I joked that it was probably going to turn our poo blue in the morning.

When we gave the bartender a substantial ration of sh*t about the foul taste and lack of rum. He simply shrugged his shoulders, poured about 5 fingers of Bacardi Silver into each mug, then walked off. Needless to say, the addition of the rum did nothing to improve the drink, so when the bartender's colleague took over, we asked him for a more straightforward Ron y Limon made with 7-year Cuban Rum. These proved to be quite acceptable. The gentleman apologized for his cow-orker's lack of expertise with the drinks, and we paid our bill (30 Euros!) and split.

Don't think I'll be going there again.

The Aloha was my favorite of the bars I went to. The mugs were cheap to buy in comparison to the Kahiki and the service was good. check out a few pics.

To see all of my pics, go to these links



Zeta posted on Tue, Feb 24, 2009 9:51 AM

Go, now. Good times guaranteed.

Zeta posted on Tue, Feb 24, 2009 9:52 AM

Tell them I sent you.

Zeta posted on Sat, Jan 23, 2010 4:22 AM

On 2009-12-29 18:45, Tikinomad wrote:
I have a nice Tiki tray/bowl from the Aloha....

nuKKe posted on Tue, Mar 9, 2010 8:45 AM

We were there on Saturday. Whereas the staff was friendly and the mugs cheaper than the ones sold in the Kahiki, you need to be a millionaire in order to get drunk there. Not because the drinks are expensive (which they are), but because they mostly contain bad fruit juice with just a hint of spirit.
Same rule applies to the Kahiki.
While at the Kahala alcohol is also poured to the blender (we haven't noticed any use of shakers in any of the 3) we cannot vouch for drink quality over there either.
The decor in all 3 is great, very different than we've seen elsewhere, but if it's the drinks you're after, look for other bars. Or you can buy fresh citrus in one of the markets, La Boqueria or Santa Caterina, buy a bottle of Havana Club practically anywhere around town or head to Colmado Quílez for a wider selection of drinks and mix in your hotel rum.

Zeta posted on Thu, Mar 11, 2010 11:37 AM

Aloha Barcelona

for trade


Looks good, tastes bad.


Jerk JURKA has identical reviews in every post. “Looks good, tastes bad. ”.
I preferred the decor of most Spanish bars to the drinks and music but the people and ambiance made up for it with one exception.

Jürka posted on Mon, Jan 7, 2019 6:03 PM

I explain... When I visited third tikibar in Barcelona, I was very sure that these 3 belong to same owner. Decor is all they have, because spanish people generally don't give a damn about tiki, they don't need it. That time I didn't know yet about spanish history in tiki scene which brought all that outstanding decor... But everything from present is zero, fairly friendly places, but drinks are cheap juicy joke for 7...10 euros, lot in amount, nothing in quality. Music is not suitable for tiki barr, so all they all have is decor and mark in history. All the same! Same style, same goods, same bads, same drinks, same... looks good, tastes bad.

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