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Modern Primitiva: An Illumination

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Check out this really cool art show happening in Columbus, Ohio next weekend!


I'll be spinning Exotica and other Tribal tunes during the grand opening!

Stop by and say hello!

Cheers and Mahalo,

Thanks Jeff!


So Barb and I went to the art show of Capt'n Skully and spiked as it closed this past Friday.
I met both of them some time ago and always felt they were some of the best people of
the folks that would hang out at the Tropical Bistro at that time.
Spiked has done lights for the Grass Skirt and Skully had done some stuff for the Tropical Bistro at that time.

Skully in fact is the only person I have ever showed how I tie fish floats, and he even has one of the few
repo Kahiki table lamps I made some time ago he put it together himself, hey Skully we need to see your
Kahiki table lamp.

Ok here is the photo’s I was trying to set up my tripod and I think all were afraid that I was
Going to knock over some of the art as it was a kinda tight spot in some spaces.
So the set ups were hindered by the art pieces in some photos.

Great job Eric and Lena! It was nice to talk tiki stuff again.
We need to get together and do some tiki art.

Crocodile Kundu Lamp
By Capt'n Skully

This is a Fish float globe by Spiked Or Lena.
She tied the net and had to get the rope from on the internet I think.
What people do not think of is all of the rope you need to tie globes like
This one took close to $70.00 dollars worth of rope.

Skully's First Print - Mysterious Island Pier. (Eric made the frame too)

By Spiked
This is called 'The Seventh Skull' I think.

This is Eric I think

Light by Spiked

Bottom of light detail.

Another light by Spiked.

Congratz to you both!!
And thank you again Lena for the cool lamp parts you gave me as well
very cool stuff!

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Thanks Skip! Posted a response to you in the other crafts thread...

It was a great show, great people, and great turn out overall! And a big shout out and MAHALO to Jeff Central for spinning exotica for us!!!

Lena and I will be putting some final touches on some of these lamps, then we'll probably put them up for sale. (If I can part with them!!)


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[ Edited by: Capt'n Skully 2015-04-09 20:35 ]


Thank you so much John for kind words and taking some awesome photos of our work!

It was so nice to see you and Barb, so glad you got to stop by and check it out! You are very welcome for the stuff, I cannot wait to see what you make and what ideas you may have for those! I hope to see you guys again soon!

Thanks so much to Jeff for the music, you rule!! :D You made the opening night that much more special!

It was a great show, so many people to thank, all who attended and was involved!

Most of all I would like to thank my two partners in crime, Todd for making this happen, inviting me on this adventure and providing countless support and inspiration; and Eric for joining me, guiding me, pouring so much of yourself into the project and for being an amazing artist that you are! This would have not been this awesome without you!

Love you, guys!!! :D :D :D



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