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Kahiki - Barcelona -Spain, Barcelona, Spain (bar)

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Name:Kahiki - Barcelona -Spain
Street: Gran Via de las Corts Catalanes, 581
Phone:93 323 18 83

Situated within walking distance of the Ramblas & the Gothis Quarter, this may be the easiest of the Barcelona Tiki bars for a tourist to locate. As it's near the university, students make up the bulk of the clientele, and foreigners are distinctly in the minority. An excellent range of cocktails
are served in amazing Tiki mugs, available for purchase if you ask behind the bar. Decor is somewhat lacking in Tiki's, though the large clay masks on the walls were impressive. The ideal starting point for those that want to explore Barcelona's three Tiki bars

More details and photos available here: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1616&forum=1

Trader Woody

They do sell mugs, but they ask $22 Euros for the cheapest be warned!. But these guys sell the monkey mug, which the Aloha does not. (What the Aloha calls the monkey is actually a cute little Cook Islands guy).


My parents just came back from Spain and brought back five (yay!) mugs from the Kahiki for me. They tried to get their hands on more, but the staff wouldn't sell them any more. But they were able to talk the staff out of a ratty old menu, which is pretty cool. Here's some pix:

Babs & Chas in front of the place. If you think my parents look like dorky American tourists, well, then, you're right:

Here's Babs with a drink or seven, which is how you'll usually find her. Note the sparkler and dry ice. Cool, eh?

Here's a sample from the menu. I like the "Bastardo Saffrin"! (not pictured) And for our own Hula Hula, there's a drink called the Cocktail Hula Hula.

You have pretty cool parents Martiki even if they do look dorky, but hey dorky is cool. Sorry you're sick braddah, but lucky us, we get to hear from you more often.
When you comin' out here again?

MAN!! Why can't I get MY parents to do that for me?????? Good job training 'em right, martiki6!

HOW COOL IS THAT! your folks look like they're havin' a blast (which is an easy thing to do in barthalona)!

here are a couple more pics:

This place was much more fun that the Kahiki. It may not have been as 'nice,' but the staff were much more tolerant of our lack of Spanish. Their english wasn't so good, but we managed together. The drink menu and vessel selection is pretty cool and as you can see from the pictures:

they can set them up. The drinks are served well even if they are not the best drinks available. I guess they are counting on atmosphere to carry them over. But! It was a Sunday night and there was a big soccer game on so I am sure the staff would much prefer to be at the game instead of dealing with wacky american touristas climbing all over the place whith a camera.

They have a menu behind the bar with the prices of all of their vessels and are willing to sell all but a few of them. I guess they are running low on a few. We only got a couple of mugs as we already had the baggage full. The prices are a bit high since the Euro is stronger than the dollar right now. But, the mugs are unlike anything you can get on this side of the Atlantic.

This place is worth the trip and is very easy to get to. We walked from the hotel and enjoyed it. It is across the street from the University Metro stop so you can get there from just about anywhere in town.

Check out the pictures and growing descriptions at

If you try you will find me, where the sky meets the sea, your special island, come to me, come to me...

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I just returned from Spain. Here are some pics from the Kahiki. If you go to Spain, you gotta go to these places!

To see all of my pics, go to these links



Aloha, Tiki Chris & Tiki Trevor,

Any way you could post the links - or have they become stale?


The 3rd tiki bar in Barcelona is called "Aloha" and is located in the L'Eixample district of the city, I went there with a friend last August. The decor is incredible: lighted terrariums built into the bar, lots of bamboo, tiki masks, etc. Unfortunately, the drinks were utter crap.

I guess the moral of the story is that when you're in Barcelona, forget about cocktails and stick to drinking the local sherry, Cava, and Tisana!

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*On 2005-11-09 08:56, MrBaliHai wrote:*Unfortunately, the drinks were utter crap.

I guess the moral of the story is that when you're in Barcelona, forget about cocktails and stick to drinking the local sherry, Cava, and Tisana!

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I agree with you on the drinks at Aloha. They were the worst of the 3 tiki bars. Some of the drinks at the Kahala were good, while those I had at the Kahiki were so-so.

Great cocktails can be found at Boadas, the best bar in Barcelona.

Here is the Aloha:


Here is the Kahiki:


In regards to the drink quality, they were not great, but not aweful either. But come to think of it, I was a bit Tipsy before we started too.

I am leaving for Sweden on Saturday. I hope the TIki Bar there is still open. If it is, I will take pic's!


In regards to the drink quality, they were not great, but not aweful either.

To be fair, the bartender was a rude, indifferent asshat who just grabbed whatever bottle was handy and poured it without measuring into the mug. The one who came on shift afterwards actually apologized to us for the other guy's behavior and mixed us up some slightly better, but still not great, drinks.


we found this place by accident and wow were we glad!

It was great fun trying to ask the barman if we could buy some mugs, when he didn't speak any English or us Spanish!

Zeta posted on Thu, Mar 11, 2010 11:32 AM

Kahiki Barcelona


Just visited Kahiki on a trip to Barcelona last week. Total accident as we were driving by on our last night there. Decor is markedly Indonesian in flavor along with some great ceramic masks. There are upstairs and downstairs areas with cute little bamboo booths downstairs and a great vintage cigarette machine. Although the bartender only spoke Spanish, we managed to use my limited Spanish to talk him into selling a few mugs. Apparently he has a price list handy and sells them on request. Great fun in an unexpected place!


Looks good, tastes bad.


JERKA is wrong about this one. It looks bad and tastes bad. The staff was indifferent. Take a look around and then leave for the other two better Barcelona bars.
Reviews on Critiki were right!
It is the closest to the eixample and Barri gothic tourist areas so no cab needed.

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