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South Pacific Room - El Mirador Hotel, Palm Springs, CA (restaurant)

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Name:South Pacific Room - El Mirador Hotel
City:Palm Springs


I have always been intrigued by the menu from the South Pacific Room at the El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs.

What was this place? How long was it around for? I did some research and found some advertisements that give us some time frames and other information.

The earliest ad I found was from 1955 and featured Tani Marsh and George Kainapau.

The appear to have been regulars at the place.

A nice rendering.

They had Luaus on Thursdays.

With tropical drinks.

Some more of the entertainment.

It must have closed at some point as this ad from 1960 announces a grand reopening.

The last add was from 1961.


Nice work, DC!

"Brought in ceremoniously, the six-dollar drink has a flame in the center and a delightful fruit and rum flavor."

Six dollars between '55 and '61? Holy crap! No one gets to complain about our high drink prices any more!
Great post Dusty.

Found a few photos of the interior set up on the Palm Springs Historical Society website.

Nice looking bar.

That fish hanging in the dining room reminds me of a Trader Vic's decoration.


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