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A Hawaiian McDonald's in SoCal?

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I just saw this in the local paper.... a new McDonald's in Hawaiian Gardens is opening this weekend.... touting a volcano that erupts 3 times an hour!

I'll have to check this one out!


Did the article list an address? I'd love to check it out!

Dunno if this is the right one or not, but here's the address of a McDonald's in that town...

12029 E Carson St,
Hawaiian Gardens,CA 90716


No , that would be me erupting 3 times an hour, from the filet-o-fish.

It's McDonald Management's hope that the noise of the volcano erupting 3 times per hour will drown out the noise of the machinegun fire in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Pool little Hawaiian Gardens, due to it's small surface area, 1 1/4 square if I remember correctly, it has a higher crime rate than say, South Central (now renamed South Los Angeles).


You know, I believe that store is owned by Ron Piazza, who also operates the historic 1953 McDonald's store in Downey. Now that I've got your attention...Here's a pitch for my (not very tiki) tour! :)

Howdy Folks,

Hope you will join us on August 16 on this first-of-it's-kind tour.

McHistorians Chris Nichols and Ross Plesset present a bus tour exploring
the legacy and hidden history of brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald,
founders of McDonald's restaurants. We will travel historic Route 66
into the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire, visiting the birthplace
of the fast food industry.

Through museums, site visits and the personal recollections of the
people who were there, you will learn the true story of the world's
largest restaurant chain. The McDonald brothers moved to California in
1930 and started an eclectic collection of businesses before trying
their hand at hamburgers and changing the way the world eats.

Sites will include the colonial home of the brothers, store #7 in
Pomona, the moody industrial machine shop/museum where many fast food
innovations were created and the 3rd McDonald's ever built, the landmark
Downey store, opened 50 years ago this week. Invited guests include
former carhop Mildred "Skeeter" Kobzeff, early franchisee Jack R.
Widmeyer and neon man Ray Quiel. Rare films and still photos of these
early days will be screened on the bus.

Yes, we know FAST FOOD NATION, we know McDonald's owns over 28,000
restaurants, is the nation's largest purchaser of beek, pork and
potatoes, is the larget owner of retail property in the U.S. We'll see Southern California before
all that and learn about the orange groves, hot dog stands and homemeade
shacks that paved the way for this Modern world.

WHAT: McDonald's history tour
WHEN: Saturday, August 16, 2003 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
WHERE: Meet at the world's oldest McDonald's
10207 Lakewood @ Florence, Downey
HOW: email: [email protected] or call 323.960.4479 to order tickets
HOW MUCH: $40 per person. Ticket price includes museum admissions,
snacks, water, air-conditioned luxury motor coach transportation,
all-day parking and lunch.

(all sites and guests subject to availability)




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