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Tony's on the Pier (Old Tony's), Redondo Beach, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Tony's on the Pier (Old Tony's)
Street:210 Fisherman's Wharf
City:Redondo Beach
Phone:(310) 374-1442


From Critiki:

Tony's on the Pier (also sometimes called "Old Tony's") was opened by Anthony A. Trutanich, a World War II veteran and former San Pedro fisherman, on Redondo Beach's Fisherman's Wharf in 1951. Tony's started out as a simple shack, expanding the dining room in 1961, and adding a crow's nest-like bar on top of the building in 1963.

The restaurant has open-air sliding windows opening out to waterside views, and the bar in particular has stunning 360-degree views around Palos Verdes and out over the Pacific Ocean.

Tony's decor is nautical rather than tiki, but the preserved midcentury furnishings, fishnet-covered ceilings and large fish floats will make Polynesian Pop lovers feel right at home. They serve a Mai Tai that comes in a souvenir glass.

Old Tony's (and its second-floor bar, Top O' Tony's), is about as archetypal of a mid-century "California wharfside" style place as you can get -- and despite a serious preservation scare a few years ago, it's still going strong. It still looks and feels like a 1950s movie set to us.

Despite very high Tilt, Mood, Vibe and Decor ratings on Critiki, and the great vintage beachcomber vibe, Old Tony's never got much mention here. For those who say there is "no" tiki there, we say they just aren't looking hard enough:

Ok, so we had to take it in our own hands and rectify the complete lack of tiki ourselves. But now it cannot be said that there is no tiki at Old Tony's! And the tiki that is there is old!

Billy the bartender is celebrating his 45th year behind the bar this year ... this month actually! It's amazing to us to think he's been behind the bar at Old Tony's for longer than we've even been alive ... and yes, he's a living history of Redondo Beach, he knows so much about all the places that have come and gone -- ask him about the Polynesian sometime. And enjoy his mai-tais!

You should submit those photos to Critiki. Those are really nice.

I went to Tony’s a while back because it’s in Critiki and, even after being there, could not decide whether it really belongs. Everything about it feels right but the complete lack of idols makes for a rather silly argument. Can a place with no tikis be “Tiki”? Reluctantly, I'd still have to say probably not.

I hasten to add, though, that Tony’s was certainly among the high points of my Critiki-motivated trips. As you said; the food, surroundings, and people are all excellent. We had such a good time there! The members of my family, who normally endure my "Tiki Adventures" with loving patience, all thought Tony’s was really great.

Nothing better than a Mai Tai at sunset on the top deck of Tony's. I always thought it was an inbetweener on the Tiki front, having no Tiki (now corrected!)

Here is a postcard from my collection showing the Fisherman's Village area of the Redondo Pier.

You can see Tony's and the Hawaiian Shop next door.

Do you still get to keep the glass? I am running low due to teenager malfeasance.

Here is an article and ad from the opening of Tony's in 1965.

And an old photo.


Funny, We were there yesterday for a Mai Tai and some lite fare. M T was on the light side but the fish tacos were very good. We haven’t been to Tony’s since the 80’s. My wife had the shrimp cocktail which is as good as ever.
The dbl old fashioned glasses
are still Complimentary.

Oops, double post.

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This reminds me of these pictures I took few months back, I love this place, liked the lobster dinner I had last time, good price and tasty. Mai tais are so so but I don't mind.


Last week Lost in Paradise took a trip to Tony's on the Pier. Take a look and if you haven’t been yet what are you waiting for?



Nice job, thank you Boris.

Mahalo for the nudge Hillda and Boris. CeCe and I will get there in the next couple of days.
Cheers to you.


:) :drink:

Heading to the Mai Kai out of LAX next Thursday via Redondo Beach on Wednesday. May have to start the trip off with a sunset Mai Tai at Tony's!


If the Waterfront project takes off in Redondo Beach, Old Tony's may get a new look. Here's an artist's rendering.

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Oh nooooooooo......

We don't think that concept rendering is in the works now at all, thank heavens.

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