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NYC Tiki Area Meet Up?

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Hi - I live in NYC and am interested to see how many people out there live in this area are are interested in classic Tiki Polynesian style. I have been going to many of the venues in NJ and globally,, but thought it would be fun to get a group together in the area to explore and discuss some of the other venues. There are also pop up tiki nights in NYC that occur. I do not know much about the past Venues in NYC, but would be interested to learn. Shout if you love tiki and are in the NYC area. This style needs to have a come back, and will, but for now there are some great hidden gems around the area to explore

NYC Tiki

I'm in NYC, I'd be down for a NYC Tiki Centrali meetup sometime, maybe a tiki happy hour at one of the pop ups?


Sounds fun, I'm down!


Gina of the Jungle and I spin exotica every third Wednesday at Otto's Shrunken Head.

Next gig is Wednesday April 15. Maybe we should meet up there and then?



Otto's Shrunken Head
538 E 14th Street (Between Avenues A & B), NYC
212) 228-2240

I'd be interested in a weekend tiki meetup. Sorry, no forays into the city during the week for me. I'm in central NJ. I've been wanting to hit up Chan's in Ridgefield if anyone is interested in that.


Alright, metro NY folks - who are you and when can we congregate? We seem to have no shortage of tiki and tiki-ish bars available to us at the moment. I'm a suburbanite, teacher, and a parent, so I have constraints on when I can get into the City, but with some planning I'm sure we can get something going. I'm happy to start a meetup.com group, since one doesn't appear to exist...or coordinate from within this forum.

Example places to see/drink at/meet:

The Polynesian
Otto's Shrunken Head
Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar
Hall of Polynesian Peoples at AMNH!!!

I'm in Philly & willing to make the trip.


On 2018-06-20 15:37, exquisitecorpse wrote:
I'm in Philly & willing to make the trip.

That's the spirit!


My band comes up to play Otto's once or twice a year for the first Saturday surf show. Happen to schedule it around then, and I'd be interested.


On 2018-06-22 19:56, Staredge wrote:
My band comes up to play Otto's once or twice a year for the first Saturday surf show. Happen to schedule it around then, and I'd be interested.

Not a bad idea. What's the name of your band?


The Luau Cinders.


Likely to be after the beginning of the year, though. Freddie is filling up and we haven't scheduled a date yet.

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I've started a Meetup.com group:

New York Tiki Adventurer's Club

Steer yourself to the group page, join, and RSVP!

Due to my summer travel schedule, our first meetup will be Saturday Aug 25, 3-5pm. I'm hoping to go to Otto's. I've emailed them to find out if rates apply for a meet like this. Otherwise, especially if it's a small group, I figure we'll just show up.

So far I'm limiting the meets to Saturday, since I'm not sure what interest there would be in weekday/night events.

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I've got locations set for our first several months of meetups of the NYC Tiki Adventurer's Club:

Aug 25: Otto's Shrunken Head
Sept 15: Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar
Oct 13: The Polynesian
Nov 10: Super Power

All meetups are from 3-5pm! Join up:
NYC Tiki Adventurer's Club

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