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Kon Tiki, Post Falls/Stateline, ID (other)

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Name:Kon Tiki
Street:6717 W Seltice Way
City:Post Falls/Stateline

The Kon Tiki is a bar/strip club by the WA-ID border a short distance from Spokane. The bar and strip club have separate entrances, though they are one business, due to state liqueur laws.

"The Brickert family started in 1961 with Toms purchase of the old Athletic Round Table and put in the Kon Tiki, where couples went for dining and Las Vegas-like entertainment in the 60's."

The next quotes are from the book The Servants of Freedom, fiction by an Airforce pilot who it seems was at Fairchild AFB near Spokane in 1970. (by the 70's part of it was already a strip club) "The place was a South Sea island club called the Kontiki- something that you might dream of finding filled with beautiful girls in a romantic setting in Tahiti or the Fiji Islands." (this newspaper photo was from a 1973 article about illegal gambling and after hours drinking related to the Kon Tiki).

"...some type of grass thatch covered the roof." "No one was using the veranda's wicker and rattan furniture It stood guilty in anticipation of patrons eager for a Waikiki Wagon Ride, Mach Two, Red River or house specialty such as the Scorpion"

"...through the the massive, double-wide mahogany doors provided a view of the bow of schooner protruding midway into a large room with an expansive bar crossing the the stern of the ship and stretching out on either side." "Clusters of objects hung from the ceiling, including... fishing nets and other seafarer artifacts.. everywhere that space could be found... The picture of a beautifully seductive mermaid... beckoning to a sailor hung from the exposed rafters behind the bar."

The Kon Tiki now,

Reviews seem to indicate that any remnants or tiki/nautical decor are now gone. Anyone from the Spokane/north Idaho area willing to go check it out?

aloha, tikicoma

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Great photo Tikicoma. I have the ashtray and always wondered what this place looked like. It has quire a seedy past from what I have read.

Here is a menu image I clipped a long time ago that has a rendering of what we now know is the exterior.


A press photo from 1973 that recently sold on eBay.

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